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AGE: 25

REASON FOR GETTING EXTENSIONS: I wanted extension because unlike my parents, being naturally blonde I wasn’t blessed with thick hair. My was fine and thin which was a hinderance when I wanted to grow my hair long because it would never look full and hold volume once it got below my shoulders. After years of envying girls for their thick volumonous hair I decided to find a way to create the look myself. I figured If they can put a man on the moon the obviously someone can give me the type of hair that I wanted! Plus in the business that I am in, having “the look” is very important, so that is when I started shopping around for the right person. That is when I found Adelle. Her work was so obviously better than anyone elses I had seen it was no question she was who I would be going to!

ADVICE TO YOU!: After having my extensions for 7 months I absolutely could not imagine not having them. They are so easy and fun, and never leave me disappointed!

I’ve never been a part of anything glamorous like this that wasn’t geared more towards my horses than me.   Of course you know how I do all the performances with my horses at rodeos, and with Rodeo, if you don’t have big hair you don’t have a chance.. Professional rodeos have become more like fashion shows, and especially with me being the entertainment it is imperative that my hair and I look our best at all times..  I have always had very thin lifeless blonde hair and before I had to wear painful inconvenient clip in extensions to gain the desired length and fullness.. I knew I wanted true extensions but I was nervous about the quality.  When I saw your website I knew I had to have them and you!! Being a poor college student, the extensions were way beyond my budget, but im a firm believer in getting what you pay for and I knew I could find a way to make it work..
I have never been more confident while im performing because I know that even if I make a mistake I have a beautiful thick flowing mane that will cause some distraction ..
People are constantly asking and commenting about how “beautiful” my hair is, I can’t even keep it a secret and I tell them all about it, and of course where I got it done.. Having these pictures made would be an awesome opportunity for me to showcase my fabulous new locks and possibly give you business in the future as well as I would like to use them on my website and promotional material.