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AGE: 46

REASON FOR GETTING EXTENSIONS:  I was satisfied with myself and everything in my life EXCEPT my hair. I have had “stringy”, fine, thin hair all my life. After years of patiently waiting for it to grow, I realized it would never appear long b/c it was so thin. So……………………..I began my online research. I researched types and stylist for about a month before I contacted you. Once I met with you and got your honest opinion, I knew I HAD to have them. My extensions were a birthday gift from my husband. Now, he would never let me be without them. I receive compliments on my hair all the time.

ADVICE TO YOU!: My advice is you do get what you pay for. These extensions are for the lady who wants to look and feel good everyday, not just clip something un-natural looking in. My hair is real and very few people know that I have extensions until I tell them!! These are for the serious minded only. If you truly care, fusion extensions are the way to go. I am also so amazed at your skill/gift with knowing how and where to place the extensions. I only want a experienced professional touching my locks! A person should look, compare and ask for before and after photos.

So, here we have the “top 8” reasons why I should be selected as of of “Adelle’s Dolls/Angels”
#8  Exposure: I will have all my friends, family and fans following
#7  I can rock the Adelle pose!
#6  I am proof that the right cut, color and stylist take years off
       your life!
#5  I need an updated make-up session to match my new hair!
#4  I want pictures that are as sexy as my hair!
#3  I need to keep re-inventing/updating my hair so my hubby will always
       thinks he has a new girlfriend.
#2  My extensions show that whenever two are more ladies are gathered
       in the name of fashion that miracles really do happen.
And the #1 reason is  (drum roll, please)…………………………………………………………..
      I no longer look like a “Greer Girl”  I now feel uptown, classy and confident.
All fun reasons aside, I absolutely love my extensions.  With extensions I have been able to have the hair I longed to have for many years.  I also love being able to wear different styles with the length and thickness.  Although I had some length before, there wasn’t enough hair to even make a nice ponytail 🙁   My hair really has taken years off my appearance.  More than once I have been mistaken for my 22 year old sons girlfriend. Awkward for him but I take it as a real compliment.  I have also learned hair care lessons since getting my extensions.  The brush provided really does make a difference.  We should be gentle with our locks!  God did not give me the creative gift for styling hair and I don’t have the education or experience but with the video series you are posting, I’m getting better and better! Thanks!  I would love to be on your splash page and showcase your beautiful work!!!!!!!!