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Best Balayage Salon in Greenville 2016

Everyone knows how popular Balayage is in hair salons around the country. Its the most asked for color and by far the most customizable color for each and every guest. We go above and beyond to maintain the integrity of the health of each guests hair buy using the top quality color and lighteners. We don’t use any kind of heat to process which keeps the cuticle in tact and much healthier, as well as shinier and softer. Each one of our guests will tell you that their hair looks and feels so much healthier after several appointments here at Salon Adelle. Our stylists offer a lot of incentives for our first time guests as well as our returning guests. We have an incredible referral program that puts real money in your pocket each time someone has an appointment here at Salon Adelle, but not only that, the person that comes in ALSO receives a gift card from us as a Thank you for trusting us to do your hair!

We are very excited for what 2016 hold for us and for all of you as well! Here are some challenges that we have given ourselves here at the salon and I challenge each one of you the same…

  • Always think positive about everything and find positive in every situation. It will automatically make you a happier person, therefore more people will enjoy being around you.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone. You will never see personal growth if you stay comfortable. The most incredible growth happens when you stretch yourself.
  • Try something new with your hair! 🙂 We all need a boost when it comes to our hair. We are the professionals, and you come to us for ideas and new trends. Here at Salon Adelle we are always up on the MOST current trends and styles! You are in good hands.

Here is a photo overload of what we have been up to over here. We have had a total of 92 new clients in the salon since October! We can only thank each one of our guests for being such great advertisement and sending in all your friends and family in to have their hair transformed as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Much love,