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BEST Extensions in SC!!!

Here are some recent extensions I did. This week has been crazy busy and next week is even busier! I am getting ready to release my NEW upcoming special on Fusion, you will not want to miss it!!! Coming NEXT WEEK!

This is Lauren, she is a coworker of mine. Love her to death! Anyways, she did the typical… Cut the hair after her wedding last year, and of course she misses her long hair! 🙂 SO, that’s where I come into the mix! 🙂 She was not as sure if she would like the Fusion Extensions, so we decided to do the Hot Heads (tape in) on her. They look fabulous as you can see. This will allow her to decide if she likes the longer hair and is willing to keep up with it, but on a cheaper budget. I always recommend the Fusion first, but for those of you that REALLY want to try extensions, but are on a cheaper budget, then this is the way to go! 🙂 They range from $600-$800