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Best Hair Extensions for Fine, Fragile Hair {Hair by Adelle}

Hey there everyone! I know it has been a hot minute since I last blogged. But I have totally good reasons 🙂 Just for the Month of May we have seen 112 total clients in 10 full days of working. That is totally freaking awesome and May isn’t even over YET! Now dont get me wrong, Kristen and I work our BUTTS OFF when we are at the salon. We give 100%, 100% of the time and THEN, we go home totally exhausted! We put in 40 hours a week in 3 or 4 days. I say all of that to say this… WE LOVE OUR JOB and we are growing by leaps and bounds which makes me SOOO excited! Because of this growth we have made a lot of changes that are super awesome for not only us, but you guys too! The first change is that we moved to a bigger room at the same salon at the end of April. It has been such a great improvement to have some breathing space so we are not on top of each other any more.

Hair by Adelle

Hair by Adelle

photo 2 (1)

Lets see, what else is new… Ah, Yes. We have upgraded our entire scheduling and payment system to be all online! YAY! You can now book online 24/7 for appointment! Here is the link


Vagaro Hair by Adelle

You can also download the app and keep regular tabs on your appointments, upcoming appointments and any exciting news that I have to tell everyone! I have also started a point system. For every service and product that you buy you will now accumulate points. You can then use these points towards free services and products! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! This program does all my confirmations for me as well. 4 days prior to your appointment you will get a notification via email or text asking you to clink on the link to confirm. All you have to do is click the link! AWESOME!!

Next we have also added more products to choose from! We Offer the amazing MOROCCAN OIL Products, but now we are also offering Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner and Bombshell Shampoo/Conditioner (for Blondes)  as well as some other cool stuff they make!

Keratin Complex Blondeshell


Last but not least, I will be announcing the upcoming PROMO for JULY 2013 Stay tuned for that..because it is going to be UH-MAZING!!!

Well in the meantime of all these new changes, We have also been rocking out some pretty awesome hair extensions… (if you ask me) 🙂

Hot Head Hair Extensions Before and After


Hair by Adelle before and after photos

She looks younger and healthier just by adding some extra hair!

Fusion Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

Dont all these women look absolutely AMAZING!!! Its so incredible to me each time I do a new application how just a little bit of hair can change how someone looks so drastically!

All for now, I still haven’t eaten dinner and it 10:50pm!!!


oh and just really quick Ill post a few photos from our Mexico trip (IT WAS AMAZING!!)

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