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Extension Salon in Greenville SC

We are the top Extension Salon in Greenville SC, known for our customer service as well as our experience with extensions. Our salon specializes in both Fusion and Tape extensions.  I have trained our girls extensively and they been to class after class to take their skills to the next level. We are very knowledgeable when it comes… Read more

Hot Head Extensions Before and After

Hey everyone, I have been such a slacker lately… So sorry about that! We went on vacation to the Bahamas and Yes, we totally enjoyed ourselves… but back to work I go! 🙂 Hope you all are having an amazing summer!!! As most of you already know, I very rarely discount my services…. but I have one… Read more

Hot Head Extensions in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson!

This is Sharron, She wanted to change her total look… I wish I would have had my camera on the day we changed her color to this vibrant copper red… Its has really spiced up her look. Then we added Hot Head extensions for length. My personal opinion is it took years off of her…. Read more

*Fusion Extension Pricing*

What is the cost for hair extensions? This is my number 1 question I have ALL the time! 🙂 Each person is different… But my pricing is based off of how much hair you have PSI (Per Square Inch) So if you  have a lot of hair, then it will cost more to add enough… Read more

BEST Extensions in SC!!!

Here are some recent extensions I did. This week has been crazy busy and next week is even busier! I am getting ready to release my NEW upcoming special on Fusion, you will not want to miss it!!! Coming NEXT WEEK! This is Lauren, she is a coworker of mine. Love her to death! Anyways,… Read more