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Salon Adelle is always working to become one of the best Color Salons in Greenville. This past Monday, all of the Salon Adelle ladies took a class with Artego, our new color line, to learn new techniques on gray coverage, fashion colors, and everything that Artego color has to offer.

Artego color offers low alkalinity to keep hair healthy and shiny between salon visits as well as extremely safe lighteners to achieve healthy, blonde hair. For those with gray considering color, we also offer services to blend that gray and fade gradually so you no longer have to commit to a color you may end up not loving or having to grow out!

In our class, we had three models, and used very different techniques on each one:



We used a semi permanent color on this model. She didn’t want to get rid of all of her gray or have to grow out permanent color. This was a great option for her because it will fade out gradually and still leaves her hair very healthy and shiny.


On this model, we used permanent color mixed with a little bit of purple kicker to give her this bright violet. Artego’s low alkalinity keeps the cuticle in tact to reduce fading and keeps the hair super shiny between visits. With Artego color and our new Pure Blends pigmented shampoo, your new color will last longer and stay vibrant.

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On this model, we used direct dye to achieve this look. Using permanent color, it ensures that she will stay bright without the almost immediate fading that red heads experience. You can also pair this with the Pure Blends shampoo to stay bright in between visits.

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