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Greenville Hair Salon hiring | Salon Adelle

Out of the 100’s of salons in Greenville, Salon Adelle is not your typical salon atmosphere. We are a team based salon and strive to grow and learn as a team. If you want to experience a world where we don’t just style hair, we transform the entire image, its right here at Salon Adelle. Here at Salon Adelle we are totally committed to excellent service and customer care. We stay ahead of the other salons in the area by continuing our knowledge in the hair industry. Our goal is to be the top premier salon in Greenville by providing our clients with superior service, a highly educated staff, and the highest quality products in the market. We take excellent care of our team and our clients.

The Salon Adelle stylist is passionate about their career choice to join Salon Adelle to lead the market of hair and beauty and consider it a privilege to do so. They are self disciplined and take action to have ownership in this business and treat it as their own salon. They are diligent in their work and do not need constant supervision. They have a great work ethic and create positive energy around them with fun, laughter and a good sense of humor. They are teachable, coachable, retain knowledge, and are able to correctly demonstrate the skills to other stylist around them. They appreciate constructive feedback to help them improve and not make repeated mistakes. They take great satisfaction in their work and are always striving to reach new goals. They create their own success and are very successful. They seek out education for the salon on a team level as well as a personal level. They are always focused on how they can support the vision of Salon Adelle and be more profitable.

They are hard working and are able to multi-task as well as being detail oriented in every skill. They work efficiently at the fast pace and maintain excellent time management throughout the salon. They live a responsible lifestyle by staying healthy, physically, emotionally and mentally. They are responsible spenders and have a stable home life. They always keep their station clean and salon tidy. They are dependable. They have reliable transportation to and from work, are always early, and ready for the day to begin. They are always a team player and consistently helping stylists around them grow. They are energetic and others gravitate towards them. They live a life of integrity and excellence. They uplift other around them. Their communication is concise and clear.

They are always dressed for success. They believe that they represent Salon Adelle both on and off work. They believe in themselves and push for higher goals to be set. They always follow the guidelines and systems put in place. They love change to better themselves and others. They are respected among team members, clients and piers.

They bring ideas and options to the team as solutions. They give their BEST at everything the do and do not except anything less from themselves. They are not afraid to admit or own a mistake and make strides to not repeat them. They are not complainers and encourage other to find solutions to any problems. They answer the phone with a smile, and are always cheery when a client arrives. They carry their heads high and walk like success. They are not afraid to try new techniques and skills. They see the value in treating each client with exceptional customer service by going the extra mile and not just what is required. They have a gentle, servants heart and treat each and every client as if they are our number one client and priority.

If you feel like this is you, then we WANT you at Salon Adelle!

To apply, Please email and tell us why you think you would be a great asset to our salon