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Hair Extensions Greenville | Volume and Length

I had one of the best days at the salon today… the exciting energy of 3 women getting extensions for the first time and they all got to meet each other and chat about how they were so excited! This is the reason we LOVE what we do! To hear and see each reaction to how amazing they look and feel (Yes guys, for us women, hair is EVERYTHING) about their hair is what we live for each day at the salon!

 Cindy has such an incredible story. We have been on a journey together with her hair for about a year. She first contacted me when she was diagnose with cancer 2 years ago inquiring about getting extensions after Chemo… I told her to contact me when her hair started growing back in and treatments were finished. She called in October/Nov last year. Her hair had grown about an inch all over. Since then, we have been doing everything in our power to get her hair to grow as fast as humanly possible  Well to say the least, we all had some happy tears today as Cindy talked about the horrible days of cancer and where she has today, finally having her dream come true after waiting for SO long to feel like herself again. Cancer free… and an UH-MAZING woman, I was absolutely ecstatic to be apart of this journey in her life. What an incredible transformation this is for her.



Hair by Adelle

 Fine hair is my absolute FAV to do extensions on! They not only look fabulous and give so much extra volume, but they can make a woman feel so sexy again! Its amazing what a little extra hair can do for a woman’s self confidence!


ok so besides the extensions, lets talk COLOR for just a minute. Can you see the difference from before and after. She had been using a box color on her hair thinking… its just black, how can I go wrong with that. but if you look at how dull her hair was and how shiny it is on the right… THAT is just ONE of the main differences between cheap box color and professional salon treatments. We use one of the BEST and TOP of the market color treatments in the world. It literally transformed her hair from dull, straggly, brittle hair… into gorgeous, shiny, healthy, strong hair!


Kristie had been told by another stylist that because of her face shape she should never wear long hair… (??????) WHAT?!?! I can say this bc the stylist is from another state, but STILL, maybe it was said because he had no idea how to do long hair…lol who knows. So for most of her life she had a complex about her face shape and hair length. When she came to me for a consult I told her that I thought a medium length would flatter her face so much and give her a younger/youthful look. She agreed to just go for it (<—-LOVE THAT) Wish everyone could have seen the look on her face when she saw her before and after photos! She wishes she would have never listened to that stylist that told her to NEVER wear long hair… (Well I totally disagree buddy… just saying)Image

So today was just an incredible HIGH for Kristen and I! WE LOVE our job and we LOVE that we can transform our clients from liking themselves, to LOVING themselves!

All for now,


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