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Hair Extensions Investment

Have you ever had the thought “I can’t imagine investing that much money on hair extensions.” If so, you are not alone. We hear this comment from time to time and I want to talk about the why behind extensions and the cost that is associated with good quality extensions.

Over 3/4 of our guests have really fine hair that just wont grow, or have had severe damage to their hair due to over processing or color on top of color, therefore giving them the reason to really need hair extensions. I experienced hair loss after I had my daughter and I’m here to tell you it’s one of the worst things ever. For most women, hair is our everyday accessory and when its falling out it’s a very traumatic experience. The day I got my hair extensions, I immediately felt like myself again. Hair extensions have given me the confidence I needed to get through the really rough state of re-growing my hair and making me feel beautiful again. Extensions transformed my self image as a woman and I desperately desire that for every woman out there struggling with their hair. I knew then that I would pay anything for my hair to look amazing everyday. Where are you at with your hair? When you wake up and see your hair, do you love it or hate it? If you wake up and realize you’re having a really bad hair day, it can ruin your whole day, right?

This is the part about our job that we LOVE! We love to give that extra confidence to a woman that has not experienced a GREAT hair day in a while! Not only that, but also being able to style it day after day looking great all the time. This is something that if you already have “good” hair, you may never understand.

Let’s talk about the initial investment. The Salon Adelle team has extensive training and education on numerous types of extensions and their applications. I (Adelle) have been blessed with over 13 years of experience with extensions exclusively. Also, approximately 90% of our guests currently have extensions. We truly are known for our experience and expertise. We also have been honored with receiving the 2019 “Top 200 Salons in North America” by Salon Today. I personally understand the investment can be a challenge for some and I absolutely respect and understand that. We have taken that into account when we created our pricing formula to offer you the best quality, experience and outcome for your investment. We truly do want to earn your business for a lifetime.

Allow me to compare some thoughts to a restaurant… When you walk into Ruth’s Chris steak house and you see their menu, what is your first thought? Are you questioning the $60 steak and the $85 steak to your waitress? Are you googling other restaurants that have the same steak cheaper? You can absolutely go to Publix and purchase a less expensive steak, right? Will you get the same quality or taste as Ruth’s Chris? Most likely not. Lets talk about what makes Ruth’s Chris a cut above the rest. Ruth’s Chris is an experience. First, the quality of food is so much better than most restaurants. The steaks will melt in your mouth they are so good! Second, the training and experience level of the chef is more than your ordinary chefs. Even though you never see him, he is the reason for the tasty food that gets delivered to your table. The professionalism of the dress and attitude of the workers is to create an amazing 5 star experience for every person that walks through the door.

This is a similar example of how extensions are viewed. We hear so many times that the initial cost made guests go somewhere else to unfortunately receive lesser quality extensions and a less experienced stylist, leaving their hair in worst shape (and a good possibility of severe damage when not applied correctly) than if they would have come to us first. Typically we find they are now spending double the amount of money to have it fixed and corrected. With this being said, we are not the salon for everyone and we are ok with that. My professional recommendation is to do your research prior to choosing your stylist. Research the salon and the technitian to feel comfortable with their knowledge, experience, training, and quality of the hair they will be using. It is your valuable time, energy and money you will be spending. Even if you don’t choose us, please do extensive research and feel confident and comfortable with who you choose to trust your hair with.

You may be asking, “What is my next step?” Well, I can help. Call us and set up a hair audit with one of our talented stylists to go over all your options for your particular hair needs. During these extensive audits we will go over all your hair history and challenges you are experiencing so we can deliver guest excellence to you and your hair. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in everything we do! We are excited and eager to earn your business and exceed your expectations during this journey to the healthiest, most beautiful hair you’ve ever had!

XOXO, Adelle