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Hair Extensions Pricing

Hey there everyone! I know its been a while and I do apologize for that! Its been crazy busy, so much I havent even had time to post recent photos! So Im playing catch up here 🙂 So this post is to address the most often asked question I get…

“How much do extensions cost?” 

There is not an exact answer for that, but I can however give you some pointers to know what to ask your stylist and what to look for. The price range of hair extensions varies, depending on the amount of hair, the technique type, and the hair length. All of my hair extensions are priced from $700 and up. When you come in for a free consultation, I go over these factors with you and try to find something in your budget. I really try to work with each and every client. To add body to hair, figure you need $700 and up, to add length, figure $1000 and up for a ball park range. Another factor in the price is how long the extensions will last. The methods that last longer are always more expensive than the short-lived extensions. Be careful just judging on price. If it cost $200 for full head of hair extensions, STAY AWAY. They will probably destroy your hair.

OK, so why are they so expensive?? The fusion techniques are more expensive than any other type of extension out there. I have been through some really extensive training and have 7 years of experience doing mainly extensions. I have had a lot of experience and have a very large clientele with extensions. So, there are probably other extension stylist that you could go to that may be cheaper, but just always keep in the back of your mind, you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR 🙂 I know we have all heard this 100 times before, but its so true. I know I don’t want a new stylist putting extensions in MY hair… would you? Just to save a couple bucks? I can tell you that you will spend 2x’s that amount getting them fixed and trying to  heal your hair after the damage has been done. There are SO many things that could go wrong with applying extensions, and this is not something just anyone can do for you. So my prices are based off of all of the above, but mainly you are paying for my experience and my #1 customer service. I make myself available 24/7 for all my clients! If they need me, I am only a text or phone call away, no matter what the time may be!

Remember prices for hair extensions are different in different parts of the world.  I am located in Greenville SC, so prices for me will differ than if I was located in lets say Mexico, Europe etc.  That said, my quality and work is the best.  That is why I have people travel to me from all over SC (Charleston, Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, and Myrtle Beach)  GA, FL, VA, TN, and even Canada!

So if you are thinking about hair extensions, you owe it to yourself to pay me a visit.  Send me a message!!! I am the best around!

All for now,