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Hottest Trends of Summer 2015

Last weekend, the Salon Adelle ladies headed down to Orlando for the 2015 Premiere Beauty Show. We learned all about the Hottest Trends of Summer 2015. All of us attended classes varying from new hair painting techniques, to makeup, blowdrying, and even business. It was an awesome and very educational experience. While there, we also got to visit with vendors of our products that we use as well as other great companies! One of the best classes we attended was The Perfect Blowout with Blowpro’s Michael Schuster. In that class, we learned how to accelerate blow-dry time using products as well as our skills to offer a smoother, summer blow out.

Also, while we were there, we got to spend an evening at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This was Adelle’s first time ever visiting the park and we took her to all of the best rides and to the Electric Parade. It was so beautiful at night and gave us a little bit of a break from the craziness of the show!

We had an amazing time at this show and we can’t wait to show you all what we learned! So we leave you with this: a new at-home blowdrying tip! For a smoother summer blow out, direct your blowdryer at the edge of your round brush, over the hair, instead of directly into the brush. By doing this, you will smooth down the cuticle and will spend less time smoothing out with an iron at the end. Also, for added volume and curl, wrap the hair around the brush like a curling iron and roll in and out instead of going all the way to the end each time. Add a cool shot of air or allow it to cool on the brush and you will have bouncy volume and wave . Combine those two tips and you will have a smooth, yet voluminous style for summer!