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How to Choose the Right Hair Salon | Salon Adelle

In today’s overwhelming society of constant social media, feedback and advertising, it’s hard to distinguish where you should place your trust into getting healthy amazing hair and professional hair care services and advice from.

Just about anyone can call themselves a “Master Hair Stylist,” “Master Hair Colorist” or even worse a “Hair Extension Professional”.

Truth is, only those stylists who have proven themselves through extensive education, qualifications, thousands of hours of extension applications, and thousands of actual application installations, maintenance and removals are truly qualified to call themselves this. There are numerous schools that will teach you the subject material and theory. This does NOT equate to getting a proven professional end result that you desire.

So, how do I know I’m choosing the right hair professional for my needs?


A true professional will never be upset if you want to see their work from start to finish and the results. In fact they would be honored!

This professional should be able to quickly produce hundreds of before and after pictures (of their work, not of who they trained under. Or who they know of, or who they think their results best represents, or unfortunately this more often than not, sadly some are using google images from someone else.) They should be able to produce THEIR results to you. And have the true honest feedback from established clients who have had their extensions and know what they are like and can attest to the knowledge, professionalism and integrity of their stylist. Seek the professional hair extension expert stylist in Greenville, SC or anywhere in Upstate, SC, who will give you honest feedback, even if it is to tell you that you are not quite ready for extensions.

STOP! The last sentence must have been a typo!? As a client, I’m willing to spend a lot of money to have my hair done a certain way. I should be able to get that done immediately! It is true that some will proceed with services, knowing it will damage your hair, just to get paid. This will end badly. You will soon be very unhappy and have damaged hair that will be difficult to repair and make healthy again.

Salon Adelle is not willing to risk our ethics and integrity just to get your hard earned money. Our business depends on you! We don’t believe in customer service, or even customer care. We proudly believe in and stand behind Customer Excellence!

You could have chosen a number of stylists or salons and you chose Salon Adelle, and we do not take that responsibility lightly! We proudly go above and beyond by dedicating ourselves to the absolute best education, superior product lines and support tools. Our stylists are constantly learning and we take a posture of being open to always learning more.

We want to thank you for choosing us to bring your shine back while making your hair healthy and vibrant.

Special note to you amazing women who do find yourself with brittle, damaged hair that you just don’t like. We would love for you to come and see what all the excitement is about at the salon.

  1. We guarantee our services and products.
  2. We will do the perfect consultation, where we actually listen and consult with you about all your hair needs. Then give you a professional recommendation.
  3. We place you on a path to having the hair you deserve and will be proud of.
  4. We adore our clients and we want more like you! So we offer the absolute best referral program! Win-Win!
  5. We are a VIP full service hair salon with a 1 tract vision, and that’s you!

The experience. When you step in, leave all your stress worries and problems. You deserve the pampering and the mini vacation. The issues will still be there when you are finished, so don’t even worry about them. Just Relax.

Summer is coming fast and we are filling up fast. However, we have a great special for the month of May! You don’t want to miss this one! Don’t wait, these will book up extremely fast.

Call today 24/7 to ask about the May special: 864-787-6668. If no one answers, we are in the process of making another clients dreams come true and will return your voicemail promptly.

As always, THANK YOU for trusting us!

Salon Adelle is ranked in the top 1% of Salon’s in the nation in every category, according to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) standards and evaluations and Inspiring Champions, Inc.

We could not have made this accomplishment without you!



One response to “How to Choose the Right Hair Salon | Salon Adelle”

  1. Kara says:

    I love you Adelle! I\’m so proud of you and your accomplishments. ..I brag ab you all the time. I think you are amazing at what you do. ..and I don\’t just dry that because your my sister. I don\’t like anyone else to touch my hair. It\’s definitely worth the wait to come up every couple of months. Idk how you remember EVERYONE\’S hair and what they like. LOVE YOU AND LOVE MY HAIR