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Keeping Values Strong in the Face of Adversity.

It’s been a tough month. We have been challenged as a business, as a team and as individuals. Nothing about this Covid-19 situation is normal, it certainly isn’t easy.

In these moments we lean back on our faith and our salon core values that compass our direction as salon owners and business leaders. 

While our values might look different being played outside a salon setting, we are relying on these values we developed as a team to keep us strong, dedicated to our vision and committed to the best services we can offer our guests – even when pivots in how those services and support are offered!

At Salon Adelle we hold ourselves to 5 key values what we hope to display and live in our everyday interactions and professional lives. 

  1. Teamwork: This value isn’t limited to a geographical location. We have discovered that teamwork truly transcends workstations and physical presence and working to support each other from a distance and through various forms of digital communication is different, but still fulfilling!
  2. Servants Heart: Going the extra mile and always striving to give your best. There is joy in giving, there is harmony in serving others. As a team we have had to come together to plan and implement new, innovative ways to serve our incredible guests, and we’ve enjoyed the process. Collaborating during this challenging time has brought us closer together and taught us that we truly can handle whatever obstacles pop up!
  3. Fun: An action we love to infuse into our daily work. What good is a team that doesn’t know how to have fun? Fun is a crucial component to being able to work well as a team and to serve your guests (and everyone else) with a servants heart! During this time of isolation we’ve been very aware of keeping fun a regular part of our days. Fun lets us break down barriers and connect, it reminds us of the good in our lives, even when we are in hard times.
  4. Integrity: This value is paramount for our team. Integrity is arguably the foundational value that we build everything on. Being real with one another, talking about emotions, feelings and how we are all dealing with the current situation keeps our integrity in check by ensuring that we are all being real with each other and ourselves. Integrity and character are very intertwined; character is built in the lows and shown in the highs. We are committed to keeping our character and integrity strong during the lows, so we can shine even brighter in the highs!
  5. Learning: If you’re breathing right now, you’re learning. There are lessons being taught all around you, it’s up to you what lessons you chose to tune into and if you pay enough attention to make the grade. Being in isolation has presented us with new lessons and challenges to overcome on the daily and being humble to respond to the lessons being given to us isn’t always easy or enjoyable. There have been so many retooling and moments of forced learning over the past few weeks in response to working through isolation. Were they enjoy able at the time? No. Are we thankful for them? Yes. We are a stronger, smarter, more nimble team as a result.