Life Coaching
Life coaching is for those that want to take their life to the next level

They say the most real knowledge is experiential knowledge. After years of building a business from the ground up Adelle and Travis have cut their teeth in the business and beauty industry and are here to share their knowledge with you. 

Salon Adelle is now offering Life Coaching Sessions!

The ethos Salon Adelle is founded upon is to serve others. The salon serves women and men daily by making them feel refreshed and rejuvenated outwardly, but we are taking it a step further. Adding Life Coaching to the list of service offerings allows us to speak into the lives of those who are walking the same path we have; dealing with the same issues, asking the same questions. 

No one has to journey on their own. We are here to lift you up and help you discover the boundless joy that is yours to unlock!

We may not have all the answers, but we definitely have the road map. As humans we are in a constant state of growth (or we should aim to be) and that is where we all need a little direction every now and then. 

We have walked many paths personally, spiritually, in business and in marriage life and have sat at the feet of some of the most influential teachers and inspirational speakers and have combined their teachings into actionable knowledge that can impact and direct your path too! 

” A few of the topics we have touched on in our coaching sessions have been loss of power, self-expression and the life-altering power of freedom. We allow our clients to uncover their own truths by simply listening and reflective questions.  When we take full responsibility for our own actions we take back the power in our lives and gain the ultimate FREEDOM. Our methods help our clients uncover the pain points in their lives, face the problem squarely and honestly work on the personal growth to overcome and realize their unlimited potential.”

Travis Graham, Life Coach

“Travis approaches coaching with a level of professionalism and integrity that enabled me to trust him from the first time we met. His life experience, professional training and personal faith make him an effective coach providing practical tools and insights to work through life’s challenges and experience positive life change. He leads by example and invests in others wholeheartedly. I am very grateful for Travis’ commitment to my personal growth to become the man God has created me to be and I would highly recommend him for your coaching needs.”

Alex- Pilot Instructor, Charleston, SC

“The best coaching sessions are those that are more conversational and lead to self realization. That is what almost every conversation I have with Travis feels like because if you are tactically guided to come up with the solution yourself you’re more likely to stick to it as opposed to if you were just told. Travis’s ability to break through physical,  mental and emotional barriers to help unearth true potential is a gift and also what sets him apart by far.

Priye- Engineer, SC

Click here to learn more about the Life Coaching sessions Salon Adelle offers and how to book your reservation for a conversation that could change your life!