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Salon Adelle, LLC is the best salon for women in the Upstate, and there are more reasons than one. First, we take pride in teamwork. We have a totally different perspective on how the salon experience should be for our customers. Its not about whats in it for the individual stylist, its all about how can we all grow as a team and create a much more inviting space for you the client. We are often asked “Will you get commission for that?” The answer is, “no”. Then how do they make money? We pay all of our staff on salary. This means they get paid no matter which service they perform or what is going on in the salon.  When you come in for your appointment, You will probably notice right away how we have a different atmosphere and vibe in our salon. We are all enjoying our clients and you can always expect the whole staff to be all about YOU (and not the bottom line of money made from you) and making your hair beautiful as well as the entire experience at Salon Adelle absolutely amazing!

You may only see one of us throughout your appointment, or you may see all of us, but no matter what, our goal is to make sure that all of our guests are happy, and they leave IN LOVE with their hair.

Adelle trains all of the staff from the moment they step into the salon on “Everything Hair” including, healthy hair techniques, shampooing, blowdrying, and proper color application. So no matter who you see, you will get the great care and the ultimate pampering you deserve! Since we operate on a “Team Base Pay” system this allows us to function way more efficiently and be a lot more flexible for each client. If you can’t get in with your favorite stylist or you are wanting to try someone new, you can trust that you are in good hands. Our goal is to work with your schedule and to be as flexible as possible. You can also trust that we all know the best products for you and your hair. Your ability to reproduce the look at home is important to us all, and all of us can teach you how to do it. At Salon Adelle, stylists don’t make commission off of the products you buy, so you can genuinely trust us to provide exactly what you need and the products we believe in for your hair. It is not about the sale to us, it only about what is the best for you and your healthy hair.

We have a great team and you will notice how happy we are and how much we love our job of making you beautiful! So next time you’re in for an appointment, you can rest easy knowing that at Salon Adelle you will be well taken care of, with the highest quality of care. So book your appointment today and let the best salon team in the upstate make your day!

Never booked with us? That’s fine too: When making your appointment, ask for our first time gift package.