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Tips for Your Platinum Hair | Salon Adelle Expert Colorist Heather Ludwigsen

Whether you’re brunette or a natural blonde, wanting all over lighter or sun kissed streaks, this platinum, arctic shade is more than a double-process color job. So before booking your appointment, there are some things you should consider about taking the snowy plunge to your platinum hair.

You should always have an inspirational pic on hand to show your colorist. Platinum blonde seems pretty self explanatory, but there are actually different hues of this highly desirable shade. Do you you want ivory white or icy perfection? Pinterest and Instagram are great resources to use, so make sure to bring a picture with you to the salon to serve as inspiration for your new look. Feel free to browse our Instagram page at Salon Adelle in Greenville SC page for photos as well! Instagram

Prepare yourself to enter into a serious, long-term relationship with your colorist. This is not a quick color process. It takes hours to gently lighten your hair, tone it to the perfect shade, condition and seal in the moisture and then style it to look just like the inspirational sample photo you picked out.

Maintaining an icy white shade of blonde — especially if you’re a natural brunette — requires touch-ups every four to six weeks. It also requires on-going moisture treatments (Brazilian Bond Builder) to be able to maintain your shiny new blonde locks. Brazilian Bond Builder is simply the most amazing treatment we have ever seen in our industry. “This technological advancement reconstructs and strengthens weakened and compromised fibers from within, while helping to resurface and seal the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and protect against heat and mechanical styling as well as future damage. The end result is noticeably strong, soft and remarkably healthier looking hair and dramatically less time spent blow dry styling.” (
You may also consider our Balayage techniques for going blonde.

Balayage is the best color for women that are naturally brunette, it’s a fun way to change up your look and add those icy pieces throughout you locks. So when you’re using your natural color, you can come in every six to eight weeks and get a bit of balayage around the face and a little underneath – plus you want a lot of shine glossing to maintain that gorgeous look. It’s a really beautiful technique because it’s so low maintenance. You can expect to pay anywhere from 165 to the 200s+ for a good balayage artist. Balayage is more complicated than it looks. It takes a real artist to accomplish what you are looking for, and of course a really great consultation system.

We use the “Perfect Consultation System”. Using this system allows us to ask very specific questions about your current color and desired hair destination to understand and collaborate together, stripping your hair completely of its natural color. Also knowing that when you have previously colored hair, it is not an easy task. We aren’t trying to hold you back nor trying to stop you from your dream color— we are in a distinct position to be able to professionally gauge how much your hair can handle per visit. Otherwise, you run the risk of breakage and extreme dryness. The more we know the better the outcome!! ALWAYS BE HONEST during your consultation.

After the perfect consultation, sit back relax and have a mimosa in your stylist chair.

Are you ready to be an eye-catching snowy blonde? Go for it!

At Home Care …..

Platinum hair requires lots of love to keep it looking gorgeous and feeling nourished. Below are three tips to get you started on your new hair care routine. Your platinum blonde locks will thank you!


  1. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Anyone that has any pre-lightened pieces or all over blonde, tend to get that brassy look over time, so silver shampoos are a must. A combo like Oribe Bright Blonde for beautiful color shampoo and Oribe Silverati Conditioner will neutralize brassiness. (click the images for additional videos on how to use)
  2. Add a treatment to your weekly routine. Swap out your regular conditioner for a treatment once a week, like the Bright Blonde Radiance and Repair Treatment, leave it on for three to five minutes, then rinse. This product greatly helps prevent future damage and split ends all while keeping it touchable and soft. The violet pigment keeps the brassiness from creeping back into your life.
  3. Get regular trims. Processed hair can be prone to dryness, so consider booking reservation time with your stylist every 6 weeks to trim your ends.


Here’s a few tips for keeping platinum hair always looking healthy & fresh :
– Get your hair done by a professional; always
– Use a serum before you blow dry to protect it from heat, We recommend UOil by Unite
– Don’t wash your hair daily, use a dry shampoo like Oribe Gold Lust dry shampoo
– Use a violet/silver shampoo once a week as mentioned above
– Use shine spray or a dry oil on your finished look to polish it off

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~Written by Heather Ludwigsen & Adelle Graham

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