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Salon Adelle is Hiring

The Salon Adelle family is growing! We are always hiring for the right person to join our team!


We are always looking for top talent – from experienced hairdresser professionals – to newly graduated beauty rockstars – to leadership team ready & Guest Experience Experts that provide amazing services and to work with our team of the best in the southeast. We are also currently hiring for a CEO of the brand that will work closely beside Adelle to run the brand completely.

We offer benefits you’ll love and a 2 year masters degree in hair to inspire and fuel your creative growth in this industry and set you up to win in this career.

If you want to experience a world where we don’t just style hair, we transform the entire image, its right here at Salon Adelle. Here at Salon Adelle we are totally committed to excellent service and guest care. We stay ahead of the other salons in the area by continuing our knowledge in the hair industry. Our goal is to be the top premier salon in Greenville by providing our clients with superior service, a highly educated staff, and the highest quality products in the market. We take excellent care of our team and our guests.

There’s a reason why we’ve been voted by Salon Today as a Top 200 salon two years in a row and recognized for much more! Please visit our “In the media” tab for more.


The Salon Adelle stylist is passionate about their career choice to join Salon Adelle to lead the market of hair and beauty. They are self disciplined and take action to have ownership in this business and treat it as their own salon. They are diligent in their work and do not need constant supervision. They have a great work ethic and create positive energy around them with fun, laughter and a good sense of humor. They are teachable, coachable, retain knowledge, and are able to correctly demonstrate the skills to other stylist around them. They appreciate constructive feedback from their mentors to help them improve and not make repeated mistakes. They take great satisfaction in their work and are always striving to reach new goals. They create their own success and are very successful. They seek out education for the salon on a team level as well as a personal level. They are always focused on how they can support the vision of Salon Adelle and be more profitable. 


Here are just a few reasons of why you would want your career to be HERE

  • We help you explore your creativity as an artist
  • We devote 2 years to coaching/mentoring and developing your skills to earn your masters degree at Salon Adelle
  • Full guest list by 2 years
  • Multiple opportunities for further advanced education training and certifications
  • Unlimited opportunity for growth
  • 5 competitive ways to earn compensations
  • Traveling opportunities
  • Great working hours
  • Professional atmosphere
  • Commission levels and Bonuses

In the first 2 years, we pour into your life & career with us, and if you use the growth plan provided, it will catapult you to the future of your dreams. The training will assist you to become a talented stylist, a top earning professional, a leader among peers, a teammate who is loved and adored, and a better community member, spouse and friend to the people in your life. We know that if we are not growing, we are declining, so which do you choose? Are YOU ready to begin the wildest ride of your career and life?

Its not about the commission %, because we all know that 50% of nothing…is nothing! You want to look for a salon home that has $$ take home yearly. We’ve included examples below.

Typical Commission XYZ Salon
5 or more years in
$31,000 Per Year
50% Commission

1st Year Salon Adelle Stylist
$24-36,400+ per year After taxes
18-24% Commission

2nd Year Salon Adelle Stylist
$40-65,000+ Per Year After taxes
22-26% Commission Rate

3rd Year Salon Adelle Stylist
$75-85,500+ Per Year After taxes
28-36% Commission Rate

4th Year Salon Adelle Stylist
$107,000+ Per Year After taxes
36-42% Commission Rate

5th Year Salon Adelle Stylist
$120-150,000+ Per Year After taxes
42-46% Commission Rate

Suite Rental Comparison
Annual income after 5+ years: $65,000-SUITE RENTAL= $50,700
-1 ASSISTANT (20K+) = $30,700
– SUPPLY COST = $15,350
– 14% TAXES = $6,250 WHAT’S LEFT
(Common issue: It feels like your making a lot of money because you receive money at each client visit, until the income is broken down with expenses taken out. Then you can see there is little left over for the entire years income. Also a common issue is being maxed out with appointments and becoming stagnant with little to no business growth for the future.)

Now that you have the facts, It’s time that YOU discover for yourself what kind of future you want to build for yourself!

Salon Adelle pours into you for the first 2 years and you get to focus on learning & growing your business for the long term future. The salons investment in your advanced education is $20,052+.


  • You are thirsting for knowledge
  • You want to grow your guest list fast
  • You are committed to excellence
  • You have a positive attitude and love people
  • You are a professional team player


All Tools provided
Ongoing Monthly Education & training
Professional coaching to grow you to top 1%
Life coaching
All high end supplies to support your growth
Retirement Match up to 3%
Mentor & Educator Program Advancement
2 Front Desk Coordinators for scheduling and phone calls (40K+ a year)
Regular New Guests to stylists- We have a high guest count weekly going to each stylist
All high end color supplies to support your growth and client loyalty
Hair Extension focused salon and marketing
Committed to your growth
Guaranteed high service tickets and pre-qualifying each guest before they schedule
Leadership team to support team and growth,
Having a voice in the brand
Top 200 Salon 3 years in a row
Vendor support in helping our stylists grow
Highly rated with 100’s of 5 star reviews
Closed on Sundays
Free hair services for team & regular deep treatments encouraged for health hair
Family and friends discount 40%
Vacation time that grows with loyalty
Guaranteed high gratuities
Brand New high end salon
Trained front desk in upselling
High end products to support guest loyalty

If you see yourself in our brand, we want you! We encourage you to watch our core values video below to so that you can see yourself living inside each core value both in your personal and professional life.

Our core values is something we hold near and dear to our hearts. Wee make all our decisions based on our core values as a team! Enjoy this video as you learn what an amazing culture we have as a team.

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