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Secrets of choosing a salon

There are hundreds of salons out there and you may have been to your fair share of them. How do you make a choice on the right one for you? How do you find one that meets your needs and has the best customer service?


  1. Choosing a salon by price never works. The truth is, we get what we pay for.
    1. Beware of the unbelievable low prices. Call the cheapest salon and you’ll get low quality service and a so-so haircut or even worse, a nightmare haircut. It only makes sense that the cheapest salons have to cut their costs by using cheap, low-wage, low skilled employees, cheap products, and cheap methods and are on a tight time frame to get you in and out of their chair. (After all they have to make up the “quality” with “quantity”. )
    2. Are you really going to be happy with cheap, rushed service and no guarantees? If not, then…the lowest price salon really isn’t a bargain at all.
  2. What kind of results does the salon produce? Many professionals claim to have experience or talent. Often people are upset when they expect their hair to look like a picture they brought in to show the stylist, but reality sets in about the time they see chunks of hair falling to the floor.
    1. Avoid this tragedy, through excellent communication. Ask to see pictures of the professionals work. They should have some type of online presence with tons of pictures. If they don’t have any ask if they have a few clients you can call for a reference or testimonials you can read through. A good professional has nothing to hide and has tons of testimonials and before and after pictures to look through. Make sure the stylist is honest with you. Often times the difference between leaving the salon in tears or with a huge smile on your face is simply communication.
  3. Doing it yourself is a waste of time and money. Sure you can buy a set of clippers attached to a vacuum cleaner and some box color with a gorgeous woman posted on the front with beautiful, perfect looking hair. But will you really look your best?
    1. If those methods could make you look your best, there would be no need to spend so much time and money in going to hair school to become licensed professional, go to so many advanced classes all through the year and the large sum of money in opening a hair salon.  Furthermore, when you consider the value of your time, you stand to lose more money than you could allegedly save, especially if you botch it up and end up going to a salon for them to fix it anyway.
    2. Are you really going to be totally happy with cheap, rushed service and no guarantee?

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