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Self-Care Tips For The Holiday Season

The holidays are a magical time, but the can also come with special challenges that can sometimes catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared! Lots of parties, out of town visits, kids off their schedules and family dynamics can bring their own brand of stress and we’re here to help share some of the tips we’ve learned over the years to help manage the chaos and keep the festivities fun and enjoyable!

Get Physical: Holiday stress can build and leave you feeling like there simply isn’t enough time in the day. And when stress hits it can really take a toll on your overall mental and physical health. To help manage those stressful days make sure you are building in time to workout that energy through physical activity. Carve out time to exercise your body and let those stressors fade into the background! Whether you can spare 60 minutes or 10 minutes, just break away and reset your mind and body – you’ll be so thankful you did!

Make Room for Gratitude: The holidays are built around gratitude but the world is run on consumerism. Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you something bigger and better than the next. With social media the need to have more and the influence to buy, buy, buy is even stronger these days. Allow yourself to step back from those narratives and take into account what you have, and what you (your kids or family) really need. Kick your days off with a gratitude list; each morning think of 3-5 things you are thankful for. Dwell on those things throughout the course of your day…when gratitude is your guiding light, consumerism becomes less relevant. 

Protect Your Sleep: Visiting and parties might be the bright spot of the season, but they can deplete your reserves and leave you feeling a little dull. Make sure you are protecting your rest times. Sleep is so important to keep your mental game strong and healthy. During this busy time of year make sure you aren’t committing yourself to too many late nights and early mornings. It’s all about balance!

Be Present: Next time you are in a group of people simply observe how many of those people who came to be social are wrapped up on their phones. We live in a tech forward age and it’s tough to escape, but there is a tranquil beauty in putting your phone down and being in the moment for a bit. 

Allow yourself to set boundaries about how much you will look/interact with your phone. Give yourself a phone free night and enjoy a movie with your family like we did in the 90’s, with popcorn and only one screen! 

Watch Your Intake: This one is a toughie! The holidays are filled with platters of treats and cocktails and can easily lead to over indulgence which can leave you feeling out of control. Enjoy those seasonal treats and drinks, just be sure to be balancing everything out with some fruits and veggies along with some good old H20 to keep you hydrated and feeling great! 

We hope that your holiday season is filled with joy, wonderful memories and relaxing moments. We are not only rolling into a fresh new year at the end of this month, but a new decade! We can wait to serve you in 2020 and look forward to welcoming you into our new salon this New Year!