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Stylist Moving to Greenville SC…

When you are looking for a stylist job in greenville, sc, what do you look for? Vision, Purpose, Financial Advance, Team Atmosphere, Anywhere that will hire? What does this look like for you?

Why might you want to be apart of Salon Adelle?⁠

GLAD YOU ASKED! I am so passionate about what Ive created here. Its taken me years of tweaking the value of what we have and adjusting how we operate. I have always been one to embrace innovative change so that we can always stay up to date on the best ways to operate and be successful.⁠

Our SALON VISION is solely to invest & pour into each team member and through doing that, we have a profitable brand that has healthy, whole & complete team members who create an impact in their families lives, communities, guests & legacies.

When the team is whole and complete, they live into their purpose which is, they lovingly pour into our guests lives who are positively impacted just by being a guest here at Salon Adelle.

We are Day-makers every single day, providing 5 star experiences for our guests to make them feel valued, pampered and appreciated while they are in our care.

We have designed and tailored a unique team atmosphere & an amazing culture here at Salon Adelle. Travis & I as leaders, are here to support the teams growth and success all along the way! ⁠⁠

⁠Does this vision speak to you? We understand that this is not a perfect for everyone and we are not looking to hire just anyone. We want you to see yourself inside this vision and really be a part of what we have here, and your living into our core values. Both personally and professionally in everything you do. 

⁠If this is you, what are you waiting for? Ive added our application below so let’s get the ball rolling to have you joining your dream team. 


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Stylist job in Greenville, SC for Experienced stylist, as well as new stylist to our industry!

I’m wearing @easihairpro 20″ Tape extensions⁠
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