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Greenville's top Hair Salon, Salon Adelle, is a national award winning hair extension and hair color salon. While our specialty is hair extensions, we offer a wide variety of salon services including balayage coloring, cutting, styling and waxing. Whatever you are looking for, we can offer you the finest styling experience throughout the Southeast. Greenville's Top hair salon, Salon Adelle, is here to change the way you think about hair styling. We don’t just style hair, we transform your entire image. Our unique salon experience brings out a new level of confidence and beauty that every woman possesses inside. At Salon Adelle, we’ll help you discover a more beautiful you. Call for a FREE Phone consultations now: (864) 787-6668

Here are a few of the Services we offer at Salon Adelle in Greenville, SC
▪ Balayage Hair Painting
▪ Fusion Extensions
▪ Tape Extensions
▪ Creative Hair Coloring
▪ Hair Foiling
▪ Hair Cutting
▪ Hair Styling
▪ Aromatherapy
▪ Facial Waxing

Here are some of our Top Hair Products

▪ Oribe Luxury Hair Products
▪ Brazilian Bond Builder
▪ Unite
▪ Oligo Pro Calura

Here are some of the Brands of Extensions we use
▪ Easi Hair Pro and more Solutions to Hair Loss

It's more than
just hair color.

We want to let you in on a little secret. To woman, hair is everything. A woman creates her confidence from several factors, both physical and emotional. Hair is one of the most important accessories and getting your hair colored can add to your confidence. We specialize in healthy hair by maintaining the integrity of your hair with every product we use in the salon. Our color line is an advanced Italian color that is top of the market and extremely delicate on the hair structure. It leaves the hair incredibly shiny and ensures protection of the hair leaving our clients with complete satisfaction. Book with our stylist for an unforgettable hair color experience at Salon Adelle. (864) 787-6668

Be the only person
in the room.

Salon Adelle offers a wide range of salon services, including hair extensions, balayage hair coloring, cutting, styling and waxing. Our experienced beauticians will help you find the look you've always craved. We also offer one-on-one consultations so you can keep your hair looking pristine all the time. Come in and leave transformed. (864) 787-6668

Find the you
in You.

Are you ready to discover a more beautiful you? From extensions to color, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at (864) 787-6668 to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

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It's one thing to listen to what we say about our salon. It's another thing to hear what our clients say. We pride ourselves on offering the best hair extension, Hair color and styling options in the Southeast. Find out more about our client's experiences by visiting our testimonials page.