Before/After Photos It's one thing to hear us talk about our Salon. It's another thing to see the results!

Our Client

Don’t just listen to us talk.

It’s one thing to hear us talk about our Salon. The most important thing is letting our patrons talk about their experiences through their own personal testimonials.

When we hear our patrons talk about their experiences, it really warms our hearts. When someone tells us that we have not only made them look beautiful, but that they are confident and feel beautiful again… it’s the highest praise we can get. We absolutely encourage our clients to speak from the heart about their salon experiences.

We prefer to let our patrons speak for themselves. Check out some of their experiences below.

Amazing Staff

I first want to say how amazing the staff is at Salon Adelle! Everyone is super friendly and personable and that itself makes a great salon experience! Then to add the amount of time and care that Adelle took into my hair to making sure it turned a pretty blonde without damaging my hair means the world! I never worried about my hair once being there. I knew I was in great hands and the outcome proves that 100%!


No More Box Color!!

I had been using “box color” for months and my hair began to look like straw. Brooklyn and Adelle were able to create the color I was wanting to achieve in a healthy and relaxing environment. You can see my before and after photos on the website, I believe we dubbed it “the katie.” What I appreciate the MOST is the consultation aspect. You don’t just plop down in a chair, hand them a picture and then gossip for a hour. They discuss your hair health, your wishes and create a plan of how to achieve your hair care goals. Its beyond the norm, its a true salon and that’s why I drive a hour for my hair care!

~Katie T

Fabulous Hair

After hearing about Salon Adelle, I knew my hair was going to look good when I left. However, after many years of abuse and neglect, I never expected my hair to look and feel 100% healthy in one appointment. I assumed it would take multiple sessions and thought I needed a good amount cut off at the ends. To my surprise, I was able to keep some length and my hair was shiny, full, and beautiful at the end of my first appointment! Amazing! In addition to my now fabulous hair, Salon Adele provided a relaxing environment with wonderful customer service. They truly cared about the condition of my hair, my concerns about my hair, and my overall happiness with the result. The staff was welcoming, kind, and went out of their way to make sure my experience at Salon Adelle was top notch. If you want to look and feel amazing…..go to Salon Adelle!

~Christina T

Very Satisfied
Absolutely LOVE this salon! Such a great team that works together to get the best outcome for their clients, and they always get the best outcome! Great customer service, energy, and talent. Very satisfied!
 ~Elyse G
I Travel from Afghanistan

I have been a customer of Salon Adele since January 2012 and have experienced exceptional service each and every time I walk into the Salon. It is hard to find great customer service, but more importantly it is hard to find consistent great customer service. I work over seas so the timing of my appointments are essential and sometimes with short notice. Adelle accommodates every single visit and the customer experience of her team at Salon Adelle is second to none. The services offered are the best of latest products, techniques, and training. Adelle – I know I tell you, but you are truly the best Salon experience anyone could ever have and your extensions, colors, and cuts are the best of the best. I am grateful i found you

~ Judy.

The only Salon I trust

I’ve traveled/lived all over the east coast due to work and I have been to so many salons. From top $$ salons in NYC with “master stylists” to eclectic cutting edge stylists in FL. No one compares to Adelle! Her sincere passion for making women feel beautiful is evident in the product of her work and in her team.

I tell my husband we can never move from the area because we’d pay too much for flights back for salon visits (seriously she is THAT good)

She’s also the only person I trust my mother with (6 time cancer survivor). Given her special needs based on outcomes of treatment she requires special care. Adelle and her team make my mom feel so important and beautiful that she talks about her visits months after.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

~Rachel B


Absolutely LOVE this salon!! Virginia did an amazing job!

~Amy N

Color Correction

Thank you! Virginia did a wonderful color correction (from a bad color at a different salon). Plus nice atmosphere and friendly staff 🙂

~Liz F

So Friendly

The staff is super friendly and make you feel at ease. Adelle is amazing!!! I will never go to another salon! Period!

~Stephanie C

Great Quality

This place is absolutely amazing!! Quality of work and great care to clients is fantastic. My stylist is Brooklynn and is such a delight. I will keep coming back for sure

~Melissa R

5 Days later...

I had my first hair color and cut appointment this past week at the salon. We all know that your hair always looks its best when leaving the salon so I waited to post a review to see how my hair looks days after. 5 days later I still have salon hair. The color is perfect, the cut is amazing and I can style it. Because of Brooklyn taking the time to show me how to style my hair I can now curl and style my own hair to look like I just left the salon.

Brooklyn and Adelle are amazing. I’ve never had an experience at a salon where the owner of the company is so hands on. Adelle comes in to see what recommendations are being made and adds any recommendations of her own if needed. I’ve had bad cuts before, especially when it came to layering. Adelle knew right away why I was scared of them without me having to say anything, but asked me to trust in them to put a few in my hair because it would look much better and healthier. I am so glad I did because I love my layers. Brooklyn did an amazing job on my cut and color. My hair looks great and feels great. 

My whole experience was far beyond my expectations. I am so glad I have found an elite salon in Greenville. The ladies know exactly what they are doing when creating beautiful hair. I love the salon look, the family culture, professional staff and most of all MY hair!!!!!

~Krislen K
Ill never go anywhere else

Adelle is amazing!!! I have been getting color and extensions for 3yrs. Because of a family matter I had to wait longer than usual to go to the salon and wow I didn’t realize how much I needed her and her staff! The day I was able to get my hair done again, left me feeling beautiful with a skip in my step. I without a doubt recommend coming here and I will never go anywhere else.

~Michelle W

I feel so beautiful!

With Adelle’s excellent skills we were able to figure out just what my hair needed. I love the fact that she doesn’t let me come and just do the same old thing! She keeps my hair up to date and in style always changing always trying new things! I highly recommend Salon Adelle if your a new client considering a change in stylist!

I just recently got extensions, and I absolutely LOVE them.

It took me a few weeks to get the hang of my new hair…but now it takes me no time at all! I just can’t believe that no one has noticed that I got extensions! Adelle told me that they would look so natural that no one would notice and she was right!

I always enjoy going there to have my hair done.

It’s a great way to get away from it all! Adelle has done my hair for years now… I feel younger after each visit. Great service, excellent quality work…always friendly and professional. Thanks for my beautiful color and cut.

The best color ever!

And love my extensions! Always get comments about my beautiful hair from total strangers. Love the attention.

I just love my hair!

I first went to Adelle about 5 years ago. I was totally distraught over my hair because the last person I went to fried it off. I was very nervous about talking about extensions. Adelle put me at total ease and answered all my questions regarding extensions. I have been wearing my extensions for 5 years now and have never been happier with my hair! I will always go to the girls at Salon Adelle! I love the atmosphere and the feeling the salon has!


Just love my hair appointments and look forward to them!

My experience at Salon Adelle is nothing short of 5 star. The atmosphere and ambiance is extremely welcoming and relaxing. The staff is friendly and professional. I think my favorite part of this salon is the color bar. It’s an actual bar where your color is applied as you sit an relax. While processing I enjoyed a mimosa and worked at the bar on my iPad and phone…very good wifi service. My color turned out very nice…I think she used three different colors to make my highlight look terrific and natural. The best part of my experience with Adelle is how fabulous she makes my hair look. This is the only time I have been to a salon to have my hair done and walked out absolutely loving it! This is saying something since I have naturally curly/wavy hair which gives hair dressers fits! I don’t have to go home and redo it. I can go straight from there to an event, lunch with friends, or to work or dinner without doing a thing to my hair!…….priceless! Thanks Adelle! I love my hair! 🙂

Jean Harber

My hair is awesome!

I’ve gone to Adelle for 3 years now! She’s awesome at hair and I wouldn’t ever trade my hair stylist for a thing! I love the new place it’s very relaxed! I love the new place 🙂

10+ years of going to Adelle

I’ve been going to Adelle for 10+ years. I can’t imagine letting someone else even close to touching my hair. I’ve had color, extensions and many different hair styles from Adelle and every time I walk out, I’m in love with my hair. Sometimes I ask her to do whatever she’d like to my hair and sometimes I go in knowing what I want…either way it always turns out amazing and everywhere I go I get asked “who does your hair!?! I love it!”.

Another thing I like about my appointments is the atmosphere. I can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard Adelle be unprofessional. It seems so many salons have drama and when you walk in you hear about it or see it in action. I’ve never had this happen since I’ve been going to Adelle.

As far as products, I love the products she uses so much that I switched to using all the same product at home. It really is awesome.

I would recommend/send everyone to her. Salon Adele rock’s!


AWESOME! 5 *****

My experience with Adelle was AWESOME!!!! She came highly recommended and I enjoyed my time, love my hair! Her salon is elegant, her assistants are very accommodating. I love the idea of the ‘color bar’, very unique concept and the champaign a nice touch. I’m looking forward to my next appointment. See you soon!

I finally have my dream look

When I initially met Adelle, I knew I was in good hands thanks to her knowledge and patience with a concerned potential client. I had been to several hair stylists who left my hair damaged and weak. Within only months, Adelle and Kristen have not only been able to make my hair healthy and give me a natural look, but also give me my dream look. Having your dream hair is possible thanks to her expertise. I’m so grateful to have found Adelle’s Salon!

My daughter feels so BEAUTIFUL!

My daughter Kayla started going to Adelle over a year ago. I was nervous at first after the ordeal we had with extension from a place in Anderson. Kayla extensions were all matted up in her hair and just a “hot mess”. So we found Adelle on line and went to check it out. When Kayla came in she already had been through two different types of extensions by very reputable places . Adelle had to take out the mess that was going on in her hair. Magically after two hours Kayla had the most beautiful head of long healthy flowing locks. It was truly amazing what one person can do that can make your teenager feel BEAUTIFUL . I recommend Adelle to everyone.  Her personality make Kayla love coming and she always talks to Kayla where she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Theses girls are the best at what they do!

Great customer service

Absolutely love the customer service and amazing results! So lucky to have found Adelle. Going to the salon used to be a scary experience for me but thanks to these girls, I am comfortable and confident knowing I’m in their hands!

They are amazing

Definitely 5 stars! All the girls are amazing!! They fixed a bad hair cut for me several months back & now I will only go there!



Awesome !!!!

Im in Love with my hair!

I got hair extensions put in and i absolutly LOVE THEM! They look and feel just like my real hair. Not only do the extensions rock but the color they use to do my hair is seriously the best along with the products they gave me to use. I get so many compliments on my hair now and thats a wonderful feeling. I strongly recommend this salon. All of the girls are so sweet and its obvious they really love what they do. They are life savers! (: i am in love with my hair thanks to them!!

Love Love Love these ladies!

Love love love these ladies, true talent! They listen to me and based on my needs, give me sound advice for my hair/look! My extensions are wonderful, always look healthy, just like my hair and I enjoy the atmosphere, welcoming always!

My wedding day...

The ladies of Salon Adelle at work for my big day!! They did an amazing job on hair & make up for the entire bridal party! Thank you all again so much for the star quality treatment & for helping make my wedding day so perfect!

Megan Turner Mock

Highly Recommend

I have been going to Adelle for my hair care needs for several years and have always had a positive experience! I have never gone home disappointed, and always feel so refreshed after a visit to her salon! She always has helpful tips on ways to keep my hair looking fabulous. I highly recommend Salon Adelle!



Very Convenient Location

Salon Adelle is super convenient off Woodruff Road and has an excellent set-up for keeping waiting time down. Everyone is very attentive and so friendly!

Its my Getaway

I always enjoy going there to have my hair done. It’s a great way to get away from it all! Adelle has done my hair for years now… I feel younger after each visit.

Great service

Great service, excellent quality work…always friendly and professional. Thanks for my beautiful color and cut.

I love the Attention

The best color ever. And love my extensions. Always get comments about my beautiful hair from total strangers. Love the attention

Its awesome!

Well it’s awesome!!! Every single minute and afterward. I love love my extensions. Wouldn’t have it by any other. Yes !!! I drive from lexington, sc and yes it’s worth every bit. It’s an art….not everyone can be an artist

Classy, Upbeat, Professional up-to-date Salon

My color is always right, I love my extensions! My first visit made me feel and look younger, more confident and beautiful! It changed my outlook and attitude!

Joy Davis

Very friendly, cheery and pleasant!

I’m always happy with my experience. I know that all my concerns are heard and I am given the best of care at each visit!

Lynn VanDerNord

Quaint and Comfortable

I have been a client of Adelle for years! I’m always happy with Adelle’s work! Adelle has always been there for us!

Patricia Flynn

I Love It!

Every time I am there, everyone is so professional. I know that there are times when you must be tired, but you always seem eager and excited to do my hair! You really carter to your clients and such a warm and inviting atmosphere. I look forward to seeing you.

Lisa Quillen


My hair looks like I always wanted it to look! I love my extensions and the color. This salon is outstanding and very professional. They really know what they are doing to bring out the best you. I’m sold!

Cristina Santeiro

First Time I have ever LOVED my hair!

I was certainly a little nervous about my appointment but after sitting in Adelle’s chair it melted away. I have been to salons big and small and never got results that I was excited or even happy about. This is the first time I have ever left a salon and LOVED my hair. I received tons of compliments from friends and family (and even strangers). I also got amazing shampoo and conditioner (Revita by DS Laboratories) to help my hair grow since it thins out and falls out with a disease I have. Today my hair feels 50% thicker and I about 75% less hair falling out. Great stuff all around and will be returning for all my hair needs!

Megan Bowen