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Greenville’s top Hair Salon, Salon Adelle, is a national recognized hair extension and hair color salon. While our specialty is hair extensions, we offer a wide variety of salon services including balayage coloring, cutting, styling and waxing. Whatever you are looking for, we can offer you the finest styling experience throughout the Southeast.

Fusion Hair Extensions are a strand-by-strand application. When applied properly, they will look and feel like your own hair.

You may wonder how Fusion strands are attached. While others use techniques such as beading, waxing, sewing, gluing or knotting — which can put stress and very often damage your hair to a high degree — Fusion is based on a much more gentle principle: modulating. We put an immense amount of time in determining which company provides us with the hair for your new extensions. We use high-tech methods of bonding between the fusion strand and your own hair. This point of attachment (the bond) is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. It is activated by a heating device and bonds the fusion strand with your own hair. Even better? It can be easily removed by a professional.

When cared for properly, Fusion hair Extensions can last as long as you want them to! Application can take up to 5 hours depending on the amount of hair you currently have. Another benefit to the brand of hair we use is that every strand can be reused! Now that is something that is hard to compete with.

Most importantly – your own hair is not damaged. This patented attachment of Fusion hair extensions to your own hair offers you perfect freedom in treating them just as you do your own hair, but in no way compromises the quality of your hair!

  • Extensions come in various thicknesses to more naturally match your hair
  • Specialized in blending different colors of hair for realistic and natural look
  • Ability to wash, blow dry and style extensions as if they were your own hair
  • Upfront pricing – you’ll know exactly what your extensions will cost – no hassle, no tricks, no ‘sneaky’ additional fees for extra time or care needed

Fusion hair Extensions are an investment in yourself, and at Salon Adelle, we believe it is the best investment you will ever make. We know a woman’s hair is one of the most important things about her – directly affecting how she feels day-to-day. Extensions can boost your self-confidence and turn those heads as you walk by.


Easihair Pro Tape extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair (with the cuticle intact) allows our hair to be reapplied for potentially up to a year, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 6 to 10 weeks of wear from each application.

This extension is perfect for individuals who are growing out their hair and need a little help getting through the sometimes difficult stages of growing ones hair out. There is maintenance involved with this type of extension, but getting through those awkward stages of growth makes it completely worth it!

With any of our extensions, our experts will determine the best extension application for your hair during your perfect consultation, color match to perfectly blend your color, and ensure that your experience with Salon Adelle is a superior experience.


“We offer a professional consultation & hair audit prior to committing to any extension service. Would you prefer to come in the beginning or the end of the week for your complimentary consultation?”

Q: How do your hand tied extensions work?

A: Easihair pro offers Hand Tied hair extension systems that adds length in less than 3 hrs and volume in under 90 minutes. There are two methods we use to attach the Hand Tied Extensions. The first is an anchor row system that includes sewing. The second includes beading your hair in between the weft.

Q: How do these compare to other hand tied systems?

A: What other brands are you familiar with now? What did you love and not love about those brands, methods, etc.? easihair pro has the highest quality hair in the industry. Easihair Pro guarantees the hair quality and performance.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Cost will be dependent upon your desired look and consultation for your specific hair type. Our looks are available for as little as $150. Are you interested in volume or length?

Q: Will it damage my hair?

A: NO! Have you experienced damage with previous applications? Our Hand Tied extensions are perfectly safe and comfortable. We will perform a series of tests to ensure you are a candidate for the service.

Q: How long will your extensions last?

A: Great question! Because our hand tied wefts are re-usable, you will have up to three uses with proper at home care. Each application will last 6-8 weeks, which coincides perfectly with your existing cut and color maintenance. With regular treatments and properly cared for, the hair can last up to a year!

Q: Can I color my hair when these extensions are in?

A: A root touch up can be done by your hairstylist, however, overall color, full or partial highlight should be done during your 6-week maintenance appointment.

Q: What If I have colored hair?

A: Perfect! During your consultation, a certified extension expert will customize your color match for a seamless application. We can even enhance your existing color, or give you the pop of commitment free, chemical-free bold color you’ve always wanted.

Q: How may colors do you offer?

A: We offer many rich, beautiful colors, when combined, creates hundreds of custom color combinations making for the most natural seamless blend with your own hair.

Q: What type of product should I use?

A: Salon professional, non-hydrating and color-friendly shampoos are a must to prevent the extensions from slipping and/or fading. Conditioner must be applied ONLY mid shaft/low ponytail down. Our extension specialists will provide you with recommended products and at home maintenance care sheet outlining proper care and product use.

Q: What type of beads do you use?

A: We use a silicone lined bead that is latex-free, safe, comfortable and undetectable in your natural hair.

Q: What type of hair do you use?

A: We use only the best – cuticle-intact Remy hair; which allows you to reuse your extensions for a total of 3+ wears over 18-20 weeks.

Q: How do I take these extensions out?

A: A follow-up appointment will be scheduled 6 weeks from the initial application for removal and reapplication. We remove the beads using special tools that will ensure a damage-free, comfortable removal, performed by a certified easihair pro hair extension specialist.

Q: Do I have to put a deposit down?

A: A $50 deposit is required for the consultation. If you decide to get your dream hair, we will apply this towards your purchase. If not, this covers your stylists time going over all your options. Would you prefer the beginning or the end of the week for your consultation?

Q: What lengths do they come in?

A: We offer 3 different length options: 14-16 inch, 18-20 inch and 22-24 inch that can be blended with your natural hair. Are you looking for volume, length or both?

Q: Can I work out, swim or sweat?

Yes, we have many active clients with demanding exercise routines, and active lifestyles that choose our extensions because they are designed to ensure that their hairstyle choices do not require they change their lifestyle choices. Your extension specialist will cover all care tips and provide you with an at-home care guide to ensure that you not only protect your investment but are confident that it will keep up with your choices.