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Question for all of you!!

Would you as a client rather my website have music or not have music? I am thinking about taking all the music off my site to make it easier to search while you all are at work 🙂 Let me know what you think… All for now… ~adelle

Book Now to have beautiful hair for Christmas!!

Here are a few things about the extensions that you may want to know! They are NOT damaging to your hair. That is always the number one question people ask  me 🙂 The only damage I have seen from the extensions has been due to neglecting to take care of them. As long as you… Read more

A New face

Gayle Corbin came to me needing more volume, not length. This is a great photos of how much volume a few extensions can add!   After

♥ New Faces ♥

Its been a very busy week for me at the salon!! Here are a few of the photos from this week. I will not be posting every single extension that I have bc I just can’t keep up. But when I have one that is a drastic difference and will help all of you that… Read more

Booking Consultations

So lately I have been having a lot of consultation appointments that book and then not show up. Please, If you book an appointment to come talk to me about extensions…. Show up to your appointment. My time is very valuable and I try to make it affordable for anyone to come in and talk… Read more

Old Blog, made NEW!

Hey everyone, For all of you looking into getting extensions, You are in the right place! I am here to help you and I am 1 of Greenville’s only extension artists. I will be honest and truthful with you. You will be in good hands!! I am making a lot of changes with my company!… Read more


I have recently started a Extension Newsletter. I just sent out my first one today and cant wait to hear the response. Through these newsletters, I will be giving out specials and discounts month to month! If you are interested receiving my newsletter, email me at and I will get your first one sent… Read more

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post.