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Balayage and Hair Painting

What is all this new craze on balayage and hair painting you may be wondering. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour – similar to what nature gives us as children – with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks.

Balayage is applied on the surface and not saturated through the section until the very tips, otherwise you would have a streak of colour that isn’t vey soft at all. It can also be called a freehand technique because no foil or meche are used to create the highlights. We are able to place the colour to suit your skin tone so it’ll look amazing and really light up your features.  It grows out beautifully and more naturally so you don’t get an obvious regrowth line and and can wear it for longer between appointments. All you really need to do is protect it as you would any other colour: use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, regular treatments and heat protection when styling.

It works on both light and dark hair, so It really looks great on almost everyone. Balayage pretty much works for all lengths except very short cropped hair.

All the photos your see here are painted/Balayage painting. Each person looks totally different depending on techniques and desired colors wanted. Pricing will vary depending on how many color and they look that is desired. Starting at $160


Be sure to check out my instagram page for lots of different photos of hair painting and balayage looks! salonadelle


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