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Balayage Salon in Greenville | Summer Hair Trends 2017

We are the leading balayage salon in Greenville. It’s the modern approach to hair color. When spring begins, most people have the urge to go blonde with their hair color. But as we finish spring and enter into summer coming up, who says keeping some dark isn’t the better way to go this year. All the cold, dry weather can make your hair look a little dull, so adding some soft balayage highlights to blonde, red, and brunette hair will brighten up your look for the summer while still keeping your hair looking rich and shiny (And maybe your mood, too?) Balayage is a timeless technique that is very popular as it gives the illusion of softer, less noticeable roots. It mimics the sun-kissed natural look that we all had as children. The difference for summer 2017  is the stretched root with darker strands pulled in-between the lighter pieces. Here at Salon Adelle we call this “Shadowed Baby-Lights”. (Who says we can’t name our own techniques!) The other awesome thing about this technique is that it is completely custom to each client. The shadow is present to keep the little baby lights from showing the line of demarcation, allowing for a perfect regrowth in-between color visits. We design your color pattern based on your face shape, the natural lights in your hair and the lifestyle you live. Each time a new client comes our way we sit down with them and do a complete audit about their hair to determine the best option and future plans for their hair. There is a LOT of science when it comes to hair color. Some stylists just slap it on, but at our salon we have great communication with you to determine your best option.

We absolutely want your hair to remain extremely healthy or get you to the point that you can flaunt your healthy, shiny hair. We go above and beyond in training and learning new skills to be able to present all your options when it comes to hair care and color. Give us a call to book your balayage appointment with one of our stylist! (864)787-6668