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Before and After of Extensions

Here are 2 lovely ladies that got their “Awesome hair” this week! 🙂

This is Kara,

She came in with very fine, thin hair at her ends. Her hair is healthy at the root, but like many of you all out there, she just wasn’t able to get it any longer than shoulder length before it would start breaking off. I colored her hair darker which gave her amazing shine and luster to her hair! She looks AMAZING!!! Hope you will love your new hair Kara!

This is Peggy,

She came in with very fine, curly hair. I am really hoping she will share her incredible life story with you in my photo shoot contest…but to say the least, Peggy has been through a LOT in her life! For her, getting new hair was her hope to help her feel amazing again! I know it will give her amazing confidence and feel great about herself again!

I added an all over base color (blonde) and gave her highlites as well… LOVE the results! I loved it even better when I curled it, but for some reason my computer dumped that photo on me! 🙁 but at least you get to see the back!

Hope you are all having a REALLY great weekend! Im going to post a little photo of our HUGE project in our backyard! It is definitely my escape from life. We call it our “Oasis” 🙂 I actually got to work in it today and got some major sunburn, but it felt AMAZING to say the least! Our goal is to eventually have small weddings in our backyard for some of our brides that are having 30 people or less. Our photography company is called TAG PHOTOGRAPHY.

All for now…~adelle