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AGE: 32

REASON FOR GETTING EXTENSIONS: I had very fine hair that was damaged from changing colors from blonde to “i did it myself” to red to blonde again. my husband wanted me to “grow my hair back out like it was when we first got married”. this was impossible with the damage from coloring which he didn’t believe was the reason i kept cutting the ends. i was fed up with looking in the mirror and seeing thru my whispy damaged hair and then seeing all those other things you catch in the mirror while eyeballing a “problem area”. my husband was a big part of the push wanting it to be long again.

ADVICE TO YOU!: If you look in the mirror and lament your lack of hair or hair growth why not fix it? if you have gray roots you color if you have fine short hair why not fill it in? if it will make you look in the mirror and say i AM having a good hair day 7 out of 7 days then why not? if it will make you look years younger and feel more vibrant and attractive why not? if you don’t try things then you will always question what if..?

I wanted to thank you for doing such an awesome job on my hair! i LOVE it!! so does everyone else! i couldn’t wait to show it off tonight to the ladies!  Thank you for bringing out the “me” that use to be there (well.not quite that long but still!) My husband loves it! As i told you he is not home a lot due to work and the military and he loves that I have done something he has begged me to do for years.. (“grow out my hair”) I can’t wait to show him this weekend and send him off with pics of me and my new do!
 Also,I would love to enter for a chance to be featured on your cover that i just read about on facebook! i’m sure i’m one in a million that would love to do it but my reasoning is I think a lot of women that hit 30 (or 32 like me) feel like they’re not as pretty as they use to be and feel time catching up with them and doing a transformation in their hair (something so small but huge!) can bring back the sparkle in their eyes and spring in their step and give them more confidence in their personal, relationship and work lives.
 I haven’t stopped smiling since I got home! nice to hear some one else found the road again after being squelched and oppressed by the school. I had such a great time with flew by. i hope your husband is up and going soon! see you soon!
xo, katie hall
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