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BEST Fusions Extensions in South Carolina

Hey everybody! Sorry I have been slack on my blogging lately… We got back from vacation (I didnt want to come back…but thats not SO wrong is it?) and since then Ive had a hard time getting back in the groove! 🙂 Everyone needs a little R&R!! Just want to make a shout out to everyone that has been reading my blog! You guys are awesome! Ive actually been surprised at how many of you are printing off my special for this month!! I LOVE it! (Its posted below…hint hint) So I hope all of you are having a GREAT summer… I know I have! The salon has been super crazy busy and I LOVE IT!!! It makes the days and weeks fly by which means my weekends get here quicker!

So here is a before and after of Crystal. Just a little side note about her… Actually horror story! She went and got extensions, was over charged only to have to have them out a few weeks later. The reason was, the quality of the hair and bonds was really terrible (Words from her mouth) The hair felt like straw, and the bonds became mushy and gooey. This is NOT normal!!! If you have or have had extensions in the past and they turned mushy on you, then you have a bad brand of bonds that will actually make your hair break off and get very tangled. Unfortunately, I speak from experience. Before I found the brand I am using now, I was using a hair and bond that were only meant to last 1 month… They incorporate synthetic hair in with the human hair. After so many washes the synthetic hair becomes a tangled mess and cannot be fixed. SO to make a long story short… Its so much better to do your research… make sure the stylist that is doing your extensions has lots of experience and uses top quality brands. Be sure you are not being over charged… and last but not least,  be sure they have photos to PROVE they are good at what they do! I cant tell you how many women pay $1-$2000 for extensions, only to have them taken out to have them correctly done. I have been doing extensions for going on 7 years and I know what I am doing… I am also good at what I do. Give me a call for a consult… ITS FREE!!! It wont cost you a dime to come and talk with me about getting the hair you have always dreamed about having!

All for now~


This is after I removed her old extensions

Extensions in SC

Side view (look at her color and how broken her ends are)

Hair Extensions in SC

Hair extensions in SC

Take a look at her hair underneath. The stylist that put in her old extensions thinned and cut Crystal’s hair to help blend in the extensions… THIS IS NOT OK!!! Sometime I will do tiny minor blending, but NEVER this much!!!

Hair extensions in SC

AFTER!!! Check out her amazing color, as well as how natural the extensions look on her!

hair extensions in SC

hair extensions in SC

Over time her hair will heal… I have her using Moroccan Oil Products, which will help repair all the damage from the prior color and extensions.