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Best Hair Extensions in South Carolina

Hey everyone!

Its Sunday afternoon and I am totally chilled out listening to Songza (You will have to check it out!) Its a free music site similar to Pandora. I have been totally enjoying it lately! So I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer! I know I did!

So a couple of things I wanted to update everyone on! FIRST OFF… MOROCCANOIL just came out with a  Clarifying Shampoo and a volumizing mouse!!! Super excited about that! I will have the clarifying shampoo in stock next week and the mouse by next month! Cant wait to try them out 🙂 Also wanted to share a video on here for the perfect blow dry by MOROCCANOIL


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I hope to be doing another YouTube video soon! Be sure and check out my YouTube Channel HERE

Most of my clients have very fine hair and that is the reason for wanting extensions. Here is an example of how much fullness extensions can add to your fine, limp hair!

Well thats all for now! Stay tuned for my upcoming special in Oct!!