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Best Hair extensions in South Carolina

Hey there,

My name is Adelle Valentine Graham. I have been specializing in hair extensions for over 6 years now. I was trained by highly rated professionals out of Atlanta GA. This is a huge passion for me and I am quite the perfectionist when it comes to the art of extensions! 🙂 but This is what makes me good at what I do! Trust me, you are in good hands!

I have had a lot of women ask me to post the dos and don’ts with extensions…So here you go 🙂 now when you loose that list that I gave you at your consultation, you can refer back to this blog! 🙂

How to Care for Your Extensions

  • Never sleep with wet hair
  • Avoid any products that are alcohol or silicone based. Most shampoos and conditioners have these products in them. Alcohol and Silicone with break down your bonds, ruin the integrity and the strength of them, which will cause them to slip out. Ask me about all products and I can help you choose the correct ones.
  • Wash your hair as needed. Oil from your scalp and skin is the same as using conditioner on the bonds. It will cause them to slip out sooner than they should.
  • Wash hair in cool or warm water. Avoid extremely hot water. The hot water can melt or loosen the bonds causing them to come out sooner than they should.
  • Check any products you would like to use though me first, to be sure they are not damaging to the bonds.
  • When washing your extensions, be sure you rinse out any shampoo completely. If you do not, it will cause hair to look and feel oily.  If you need to, lift up hair in sections to be sure you are cleansing the hair completely.
  • When using your conditioner, only use from the base of the neck on down. The extension hair needs conditioning more than normal hair… be sure to keep them moisturized. Never use conditioner on the bonds!
  • When blow drying, use a cool or warm setting. High concentrated volumes of hot air will melt the bonds. Hold blow dryer away from bonds to keep from melting the bonds. Use blow dryer on a low or medium setting. High volume of air can cause extensions to tangle easily.
  • Wait until hair is completely dry before styling. Using heat (flat iron or curling iron) on damp hair will damage the hair.
  • Brush your hair with a boars head bristle brush before and after washing. Lift hair up in sections to be sure to get the hard to reach places. If you do not brush your extensions, they will get tangled and turn into dreads.
  • Begin brushing at the ends and work your way to the scalp. This will prevent pulling.
  • When sleeping, always pull hair away from face. Everyone has different preferences. Just do what is best for you. Some put into braids or pony tail. This will eliminate the tangles that occur from “rolling and spinning” on the pillow.
  • Do not use flat iron on the bonded areas. Any heat that is applied will melt and smear the bonds. Just remember that I apply them with heat, so heat can be your worst enemy. You can flat iron from the bonds down.
  • Use heat in moderation, of course. Extreme heat will damage the hair.
  • If you feel a loose bond, leave it alone! The more you touch and play with it, the sooner it will slip out. Also the oil from your hands will attach to the bonds. Just leave them aloneJ
  • You will need to come in for your maintenance every 6-10 weeks. If you get color done, I will do your touch up at that time.  At this time, I will replace the bonds that have slipped out and make sure your extensions are in good shape!

I know this sounds like a lot of information, but it will become habit. I say all these things because of past experiences with other clients. Good luck with your new extensions, and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions!        ~Adelle Valentine Graham (

All for now…