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Celebrity Hair Extensions

Who doesn’t want celebrity hair??? I know I, myself, strive to have gorgeous hair just like all the famous women out there! I have had an extremely interesting week so far! Lets see, where do I start? First, I am proud to say that my business has finally gone international and my website is getting hits from all over the WORLD!! How freaking cool is that??? I got a call from a girl, Tamra, that is going to travel to me from Canada just to get her hair done! She has never been to the United States and is planning on coming in April JUST to see me!! She is also planning on seeing some of Greenville and stay the weekend after getting her hair done!!! I was so excited, I felt like a little girl and wanted to jump on my bed and squeal! lol Yes, Yes, that is childish, but that is exactly how I felt…

Then yesterday I got a call from Christina who is getting married in Aug. She is getting her extensions done in May and flying us down to have me do her hair in St Thomas for her wedding!!!!!! Can I get a “Hell Yeah” on that one!!! So needless to say, I have been on cloud nine all week.

…Until this evening when I received a phone call from an unhappy client that was in the salon last week…. There was a series of things that happened, and I wont bore you with all the details, I am only saying this to say….this… I know that I am not the worlds best hair stylist, and I know that I am not perfect. But one thing I KNOW is I try VERY  hard to have only happy clients in my chair. This client was very upset that I had not returned a phone call last week after I put a few extensions in, on a whim for her. I received her voice mail while I was in the hospital with my husband who had just gotten out of surgery. I quickly responded with a text saying I was sorry I couldn’t answer, and I would return her call later. (she never received that text) Unfortunately, I completely forgot to return her call. It totally slipped my mind. When I was reminded today that I had not called her back I immediately called her to apologize to her. In the mean-time, she had NO idea what I had been through over the weekend… assumed that I was intentionally ignoring her, and went to another extension stylist this week. “I lost a client due to lack of customer service”

So after saying all of that…. Even though the conversation didn’t go as I had hoped it would go, I got this from our conversation… I can ALWAYS improve on my customer service and I plan to never let this happen again. (as well as never doing extensions on a whim like that) lol SO… naturally I have a heavy heart bc I am the type of person that wants everyone to be happy, ESP with their hair!!! When I get criticism, even when Its meant to hurt and tear me down, I can take it and use it to better myself AND my business! I am thankful we talked and I plan on never having another problem again! 🙂 (being very optimistic!) Thank you anonymous client 🙂 You have helped me more than you will ever know!

On a EVEN BETTER NOTE!!! I received my first shirts in today to get a sneak peek of them!!! I will post a photo… THEY ARE SOOOO ADORABLE!

The white shirts will be $24 and black shirts will be custom pre-ordered at $40 each. Dont ask me why they cost so much more, it makes absolutely NO sense to me!!! lol something to do with the screen printing and the process, but I happen to be a “black shirt” kind of girl, and Im the type that WOULD pay double just to have a cute shirt! lol So it is, what it is…

All for today… Have a GREAT REST OF THE WEEK!!! I know I plan on it!

OH, I almost forgot, wanted to say thank you to everyone that has sent in emails for the photo shoot contest!!! I am SOO PUMPED about doing this!!!


(and btw, For all of you that have asked about my sweet hubby, he is doing GREAT and is healing fast! I actually came home to a home cooked meal after a long day on my feet… Yes, I am SOOO spoiled! I think he loves me)