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Extension Pricing, How much do extensions Cost?

Hey there everyone! I am away from the salon this week and its been a much needed time to get away again. If you have ever met me, you can tell that I LOVE my job and tend to work a little too much. Therefore if I don’t take vacations, I will never get a break! So even though it seems as though I go on vacations a lot, its simply because these days are my only days off. Travis, my husband and I also own a photography company and specialize in wedding photography. When I’m away from the salon Sat, Sun, Mon… we usually have a wedding or lots of editing to do 🙂 So I stay very busy… but its what I love to do! 🙂

So the main question I get when people call in to inquire about extensions is…”How much do you charge?” My pricing is based on how many years of experience I have had as well as the amount of clients I serve. I know its sometimes hard to understand why anyone could charge so much for hair…however, Its taken me my whole career to get to this price point that I am at. This is also my main focus. Yes I also do cuts and colors, but the majority of my clientele all have extensions. I can promise that you will get an amazing experience with me and will be very happy with your extensions. I do not do extensions on someone if I do not think their hair will support them and ALSO if I think they will not look good, I will tell you! Because this is my main focus, I do not “need” new clients… This also allows for me to be honest with you about your hair. I want you to  be just as good as a fit for me as I am for you! This leads to the consultation. I do require all clients be seen prior to getting extensions. We sit down and talk about why you want extensions and get more in depth about the process of getting your new hair.

I honestly think price should be the last thing on how you choose your extension artist. Extensions is so much more than…just adding some hair. Its all in the placement, the parting, the amount of hair, the care of them… and the list goes on. I am very good at what I do, and I think my pictures speak for themselves.

My prices range from $800-$1500. This price includes your color, application, cut and style.

Here are a few tips on choosing your extension stylist:

  • Just make sure that anyone you use is highly experienced in whatever technique they plan to use because if not attached properly and removed properly, you run a serious risk of having hair extensions damage your natural hair beyond repair.
  • To try to avoid this scenario, always ask lots of questions up front so you understand the stylist’s plan for attachment and removal.
  • Also ask for photos of his or her work so you can be sure you like the results achieved.
  • Finally, ask for a price quote up front, since what you can expect to spend can span in a wide range.