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Extensions: What You Need to Know.

You’ve been scrolling through endless Instagram photos of women with long, perfectly waved, flowing hair. You’re ready to make a change, you want to oomph up your hair’s density and take your style to new lengths. You’re ready for extensions, but you’re confused by the buffet of options; what type of extension is best suited for my hair? How do I know that the extension process won’t damage my scalp/hair?

We are going to take you on a little educational journey and give you the beginners guide to extensions!

When you are looking to have extensions placed, the first thing you should do is seek out is a reputable salon. At Salon Adelle we have two master trainer extension experts, two incredibly talented extension seniors, and 4 extension artists in training. Together, the team has over 40 years of experience, taken 100’s of hours of education and has completed 1000s of applications. This is so very important in ensuring that the integrity and health of your hair is preserved during the placement, duration and removal of your extensions. 

What does “Remy” mean?:

The extensions we carry at Salon Adelle are all 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. The brands we carry are known for their attention to detail, education/training and superior quality. You need to know that the hair your are adding will hold up to chemical treatment, daily care, environment and heat styling. We have taken the guesswork out of the equation for our guests by providing them with quality options at varying price points.

Remy refers to the unique way a particular type of extension is manufactured. Remy hair is collected in a way that all strands of hair stay aligned in their natural growth pattern (top to bottom). Having the hairs all flowing in one direction cuts down on the matting and tangling you can find in lower quality hair extensions. 

Things to consider:

  • Budget – what are you looking to spend initially and in maintenance
  • Time – extension maintenance will need to take place every 5-8 weeks
  • Style – How do you typically wear your hair? Do you have thin hair, brittle hair, thick hair? Density – how much hair are you looking to add?

Hand Tied Extensions:

Hand Tied Extensions is a new popular method in our industry. Hand tied extensions come in either hand sewn or machined tied wefts. Hand sewn wefts are comfortable for wearing, they have great flexibility and allow the extensions to lay close to the scalp giving an overall natural look. Machine sewn wefts are generally used for fuller, thicker hair textures. Our hand tied extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy hair and are attached to your natural hair using small metal beads that attach the wefts to your natural hair. This form of extension is great for women that have medium to thicker hair types, or gals that find themselves wearing their hair down frequently. The placement of the weft so close to the scalp makes the extension almost invisible and the application of the extension makes hand tied wefts very durable.This method requires regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

While hand tied extensions are fairly easy to maintain there are a few hard and fast rules to abide by: 

  • Quality products are a must and will enhance the longevity of the extensions.
  • Proper care and daily brushing of your extensions (using a wet brush) will ensure that tangles stay away and matting is kept to a minimum.
  • And the cardinal rule to remember, never go to bed with wet extensions! This can produce severe tangles, matting and cause your weft to sag. 
  • These extensions will need to be maintained every 6-8 weeks depending on your rate of growth.

Did you know…. 25% of women in North America suffer from thin, fine hair and struggle to achieve sustainable volume? 

Tape in Extensions: 

This form of extension is exactly what it sounds like, extensions that are bonded to your natural hair – using a surgical grade tape! We apply our weightless panels with your hair pressed in-between, offering the lightest, most effective method for anyone that has struggled with hair loss or has fine hair. This is not typical for all tape in extension brands. We have carefully selected EHP to be the brand we can stand behind. Salon Adelle exclusively uses Easihair Pro’s (EHP) line of tape in extensions. Each panel is carefully weighted with the American Hair Loss Association to be safe to wear with proper application. EHP’s uniquely designed extensions offer a seamless design that blends beautifully into your natural hair. They are 100% Remy human hair with the cuticle in tact. With proper maintenance your EHP extensions can last for months. EHP offers a wide range of colors (131) that enable your stylist to add not only length & volume, but chemical free color to your style!

Tape in extensions are easy to apply and maintain, but proper care is key!

Using top notch products recommended by your stylist is always a good idea, but with tape-in extensions it’s extra important to follow your stylists recommendations when it comes to products. Not utilizing the proper products could cause the extension bonds to loosen and your extensions to slip out of your hair. Maintenance for tape in extensions will bring you back in the salon every 4-8 weeks (depending on your hair growth) and with proper extension care and regular treatments, the hair can be reused for up to 6-9 months.

Hair Extensions are an investment in yourself, and at Salon Adelle, we believe it is the best investment you will ever make. We know a woman’s hair is one of the most important things about her – directly affecting how she feels day-to-day. Extensions can boost your self-confidence and turn those heads as you walk by. Why wait another day! Call us to book a reservation for a hair audit and our extension pro’s will do a thorough assessment of your needs and recommend the best extension method for you!

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