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Grand Opening!

What if your wildest dreams all came true?

What if you didn’t just wish for it, but worked for it? 

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Hard work pays off and over a decade of preparation has led Salon Adelle to where we are today. We built a brand that exudes elegance. Had the honor of being recognized by Salon Today as one of the Top 200 salons in North America, and boast a guest list that is comprised of an ever growing amount of loyal guests. 

Where is the elevator to the top?

Success doesn’t happen overnight, success is built one brick at a time understanding that a true masterpiece is slowly revealing itself. Most people aren’t it in for the long game. Most people like the quick putt, instant gratification, quickly moving along to the next shiny thing. 
I’m here to tell you there is no fast track to the top. You’ve got to put in the grit and climb.

In two weeks we’ll celebrate the grand opening of Salon Adelle’s new location. Our journey has been filled with moments that challenged and grew our team. Moments where stress enveloped our spirits and nights that sleep was hard to find. It has also been filled with the sweetest joy, thankfulness and fulfillment, knowing the work we are doing truly makes a difference in others’ lives.

It’s time to celebrate YOU!

On March 14th, we will be celebrating a grand opening of a location, but the celebration is so much more than that; we are celebrating everyone who played a part in getting us to this point.

We’re celebrating our team, our amazing guests, our wonderful vendor partners and giving thanks for everyone who shares this incredible journey with us!
If you’ve been apart of the Salon Adelle story, we hope you’ll come and join us in celebration of YOU!

Let us show you how we designed this new beautiful space with you in mind, and how our services are here to support your unique beauty needs and to give you the most rejuvenating salon experience.

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We’ll have product specialists from Oribe and Unite onsite to answer your questions. They will be educating on their product lines and will be offering all the best tips and tricks to get consistent results every time! We’ll have prize draws and refreshments throughout the event along with premium swag bags for the first 50 guests to arrive (You don’t want to miss out on these swag bags!)

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We wouldn’t be us without you.

Mark your calendars and come celebrate so we can personally thank you for being such an impactful part of the Salon Adelle story!

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