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Hair Extensions at Affordable Cost + Hair by Adelle

Hey everyone! I have been so amazed at how busy this season has been! I had 4 extensions in 3 days last week, plus all my other regular maintenance ladies… Needless to say it was one of the busiest weeks of my life! Before I post those before and after photos, I wanted to remind everyone of my Facebook discount going on right now! (My Fan Page) If you check into “Hair Extensions by Adelle in Greenville” during your hair appointment with me, I will give you $5 off any product or service! (Be sure to show me that you have “checked in” so I know to give you the discount)

Ok so here are my recent before and after photos from last week…

This is Joy, She came to me to fullness mainly as well as a little bit of length. She has the type of hair that just wont grow past a certain length. Her ends are very thin and straggly.

Hair by Adelle in Greenville


Now you can see the fullness and richness the extensions gave her. No matter what your age or who you are, thicker hair will make you look younger. Thin hair is 1 of the top aging things about a woman. I think she look younger and healthier, and all we did was add some hair!!! How awesome is that?


This is Jessica, She was wanting length and fullness. She has some damage due to over processing with bleach.

I added a warmer low-light that will not damage her hair and allow for her hair to become healthier while wearing the extensions. It softened her skin tone and really brought out her eyes. Then we added the fusion extensions for the length and fullness. These particular extensions have a body wave to them, so she can wear them wavy, curly or straight. 

This is Patty, she has been diagnosed with Lupus. As a result of this disease it has thinned her hair out. In my opinion she has great hair for extensions!

Wow, after adding a warmer darker brown all thruoght her her, we added the fusion extensions. They are so perfect for her hair since the extensions I use can be cut to whatever thickness I want. (half sized or 1/4 sized) I used the half size for her hair which gave her a lot of thickness and volume… as well as shine all while looking 100% natural! It took 10 years + off of her I think!

This is Kathy, she was looking for mainly fullness… So we decided to go with hot heads extensions. 2 reasons I decided to do this was when you are mainly adding just fullness, the hot heads tend to cover more head with less hair, as well as they will not look stringy. The fusion method would not have worked on Kathy with her fine hair and not adding much length.