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Hair Extensions in South Carolina

Hey there everyone! Back again and wanted to post an awesome before and after photo of my most recent extension. I totally think that longer hair makes her look younger and gives her more of a style. Angela is from outside Columbia SC. It was about an hour and half drive for her to come and see me for her consult and her color/application appointment. But after talking with her this weekend, she says “It was totally worth it”

and the hubby, who was totally on the fence and almost talked her out of it said “Its worth DOUBLE what you paid for that hair!” SHOCK!!! I was so excited for her bc when your husband thinks you are gorgeous, that is all that we truly care about!

Image ImageImageImage

Next I promised I would show some of our Vegas pictures from last weekend… Love that place and cant wait to go back again!


So there you have it…. Just a few from Vegas 🙂 If you are interested in wedding photographers, check out our photography page at 

And speaking of TAG…. Looking SOOO forward to our Annual Photo Shoot this coming Sunday!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

all for now ~adelle