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before and after shots of hair extensions

Hey everyone!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… YAY! I cant wait to post a photo of what I got my hubby… Its so “out of the box” and original… I am actually quite proud of it! However, I cant post it yet, he reads my blogs and I just CANT spoil it for him! 🙂 (Pssst… Travis, I don’t mind you reading my blogs, I actually LOVE it! 😀 )

Just want to talk for a quick minute about scheduling! I am getting a ton of calls right now for last minute appointments, and I just want to say that I wish I could get you ALL in! I really struggle with this, because I would work myself literally to DEATH for all my amazing ladies, but I know I just cant. :/ So if you are patient with me, then I will do my best to accommodate everyone in the best time frame that you need. Lets see, today is Feb 13th, and my next available appointment is March 14th. This means for color, extensions, and cuts… However I can usually find spots to get a consultation in since they only take about 15 min somewhere in the week. Just keep in mind, If you call an extension artist and they tell you… “YES I CAN DO IT THIS WEEK”…???? That’s NOT a good sign 🙂 I’m just stating the truth! HA! A Good stylist is always booking in advance and is in high demand. You are in good hands with me… I can promise you that!

Also, just came up with an idea to start a YOU TUBE channel just for my amazing clients on little tips and tricks for hair styles and upcoming trends. I hope to start this maybe this coming weekend (you know, in all my FREE TIME I have laying around! lol) But I am determined to get it done. I have so many of you asking me to teach you how to cushion your hair (ie tease it) Curl with a flat iron, get volume while straightening you hair… things like this. And I have heard a million times… “I wish you could come to my house every morning to do my hair!” If you know me at all, then you KNOW Im not a morning person HA! I literally cant start work until 10am… or at least I wouldn’t trust MYSELF to touch your hair before 10, nor would you hear a peep out of me! 🙂 HA! Anyways, with this You Tube channel, you will be able to bring me to your home at YOUR convenience 🙂 How great does that sound??

Hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!!


Shannon’s fringe was a little chunky and I felt it looked better away from her face until it grows out to blend with the long extensions. But WOW what an amazing difference!!

Love this for Jennifer! Makes her hair look so much healthier being just a little bit longer and thicker!