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Modern Hair Solutions For the Modern Man.

Guys, your hair matters.

We are excited to now be providing men with hair loss solutions alongside the solutions we offer for women. Our hair helps us show off our unique style, and holds a place connected to outward confidence and is vital to our overall self-image.

Your know the feeling; You’re having a bad hair day. Everything else just feels…”off”, but the days that your hair falls exactly the way it should, you’ve got an extra pep in your step and your confidence is sky high.

At Salon Adelle, we serve every guest with the utmost care and attention –

Gents, it’s no different for you.

We value each guest that chooses to trust us with the style, treatment and health of their hair. Men’s hair concerns and trouble spots are just as complex and important as the hair issues we solve on behalf of the women we serve.

If you are struggling with hairloss, thinning or balding, we know we can make a difference in your life and give you back that little extra pep in your step!

Salon Adelle has teamed up with Hairskeen, to offer the most cutting edge and transformative, non-surgical hair solutions for men in the Upsate. Hairskeen’s modern line of restorative hair solutions are made for men, just like you, looking for an alternative to settling for the hair they have, but not looking for painful or invasive procedures.

Hairskeen offers in-salon solutions that aren’t your father’s toupee! Modern designs, high quality and hand crafted cuts leave you with hair that looks just like your own and can be worn through whatever life throws your way!

We’re here to help you regain the confidence you don’t even know you’re missing. Reserve your Hairskeen consultation today and see how this simple procedure can rock your world!