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Having Healthy Summer Hair

Having Healthy Summer hair is a MUST!

We have a few summer tips on how to have healthy summer hair! We hope you are all enjoying the wonderful summer and soaking up those rays! We are always striving at Salon Adelle to educate you on how to have healthier hair all the time, not just after you hair appointments… 

Having Healthy Hair  Summer Tip #1: Protect Your Hair

All hair color fades with time due to shampooing with harsh surfactants, heat styling, and environmental factors such as exposure to UVA/UVB rays. All of these factors lessen the pigments we deposit in your hair at your color appointments, thus causing fadage and damaged hair. Our new line, ColorProof, utilizes extraordinary next generation sulfate-free, salt-free surfactants to super gently cleanse hair without stripping color along with a variety of other key ingredients to deliver incredible color and heat protection, as well as incredibly shinny vibrant, healthy hair. This is a MUST HAVE Shampoo and Conditioner! It’s totally fine to switch back and forth with Moroccan Oil if you can’t part with it. We still absolutely stand behind all of our products. This one just happens to be the best when it comes to protecting your gorgeous color.  Check out to read more about these amazing products!

Healthy Summer Hair

Using all the right products makes ALL the difference in having healthy summer hair

Having Healthy Hair Summer Tip #2: Deep Conditioning Treatments

Add on a deep conditioning VITAL SHOT to your next color appointment. This restorative remedy fortifies weak, damaged hair, instantly reduces frizz, and delivers antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors. Each concentrated single application delivers a powerful dose of keratin to strengthen the hair’s cortex while binding moisture to the cuticle, creating a smooth, shiny appearance. I have used this VITAL SHOT 2 times now and absolutely love how my hair is styling and the shine it has on day 1 and day 2 after shampooing! You can add this to every color application. This is not a treatment that can be overused.  It’s just $25 to add it on to every color appointment and worth every penny!


Add a Shot to your day!

Having Healthy Summer Hair Tip #3: Get Regular Trims

I know you have all heard a stylist say at some point ” get regular trims to help you hair grow” This is actually totally true. The problem is some stylist don’t know when to stop cutting 🙂 The reason this statement is indeed true is when the hair gets split ends, that split will travel up the entire strand leaving it broken and damaged if it is not removed. Getting a regular trim leaves the hair with nice blunt edges to keep from allowing any more splits to travel up your hair shaft, Thus allowing your hair to get longer between each trim. We promise that when we do a “trim” we will only cut the very edges off of your hair. I recommend getting a trim every 6-8 weeks. 


Well that about sums it up! Cant wait to see you all soon!! Happy Summer!

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