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How to go Blonde!

Whether you’re brunette or a natural blonde, wanting lighter streaks, going blonde is more about a double-process color job.  Being blonde is an Arctic princess hair workout! Before booking your appointment, there are some things you should consider about taking the plunge to blonde hair.

You should always have an inspirational picture on hand to show your colorist.  Platinum blonde seems pretty self explanatory, but there are actually different hues of this highly desirable shade.  Do you you want ivory white or icy perfection?  Pinterest and Instagram are great resources to use, so make sure to bring a picture with you to the salon.  It will serve as inspiration for your new look.  Feel free to browse our @salonadelle Instagram page too!

Prepare yourself to enter into a serious, long-term relationship with your colorist.  This is not a quick color process.  It takes hours to get to blonde hair.  First, your colorist will gently lighten your hair.  Second, the color must be toned to the desired shade of blonde. Third, your hair must be conditioned and moisturized.  Fourth, your hair stylist and colorist will style your new blonde locks to match the inspirational photo you picked out.


Maintaining an icy white shade of blonde — especially if you’re a natural brunette — requires touch-ups every four to six weeks.  It also requires intermittent moisture treatments to maintain your shiny new blonde locks.  Brazilian Bond Builder is a great treatment.  It works by strengthening weakened fibers and protecting against later damage and moisture loss.

As for the coloring technique, Balayage is best for brunettes transitioning to blonde hair.  It’s a fun way to change your look and add those icy pieces throughout your locks.  After the initial balayage treatment, you’ll need to return to your salon every six to eight weeks for additional treatment around the face and on the underneath side of your hair.  Additionally, you’ll probably want an update to the shine glossing to maintain that gorgeous blonde look.  It’s a really beautiful technique because it’s so low. Balayage is more complicated than it looks.  It takes a real artist to successfully transition you to a balayage blonde!

One frequently underestimated issue is actually choosing the precise color of blonde hair.  Frequently, the larger idea is easy – “I want blonde hair.”  The details can become complicated though.  Does that mean, blonde-ish, blonder, or really blonde, like platinum blonde?  Make sure your salon uses a consultation system to address all of your coloration questions and issues. You should think of your salon, stylist and coloration professional as your collaborators.  The problem is that only you know exactly what you want.  Do you want the color completely stripped out of your hair? When was the last time you had your hair colored?  And, of course the shade of blonde needs to be discussed in detail.  That’s why we strongly recommend bringing in a picture to demonstrate exactly what you want.  OK, now sit back in the salon chair, mimosa in hand, and get snowy, arctic hair!

Once you’ve got your perfect color of blonde, there are many home care issues to consider.  Maintaining your color is almost as important as the first dying.  Colored hair, especially blonde, requires lots of love to keep it looking gorgeous and nourished.  Do the following and your blonde locks will thank you.

  1. Use a color safe shampoo and conditioner.  Duh!  Of course!  Yes, but it’s not quite that easy.  You can use color safe shampoo and conditioner yet still suffer a brassy look over time.  You need the right products.  We like both the Oribe Bright Blonde shampoo and Oribe Silverati Conditioner.
  2. Add a treatment to your weekly routine.  Swap out your regular conditioner for a treatment once a week.  Leave it on for three to five minutes and rinse.  This will greatly help prevent future damage and it keeps the violet pigment from creeping back into your hair color.
  3.  Get your hair trimmed regularly.  Processed hair can be prone to dryness so consider a standing appointment at regular six week intervals.  This will keep your hair healthy.
  4.  Always use a serum before you blow dry your hair.  Always protect your hair from heat.
  5. Don’t wash your hair daily with shampoo and conditioner.  Use a dry shampoo at least a couple of times per week.

Now go take the plunge you Arctic, Scandinavian princess!  Go get your blonde hair on!


By: SALON ADELLE  (Heather Ludwigsen & Adelle Graham)