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Salon Adelle is Moving!

Have you all heard the exciting news? Salon Adelle is growing, and moving to a new location! Our new location is located at 620 Congaree Road, Suite F Greenville, SC 29607. 

We are so excited to give all of you a quick look into the new Salon Adelle, and have been working tirelessly these past few months with designers, architects, and engineers to design this gorgeous new space! We absolutely cannot wait to move in, and are looking forward to a late Fall 2019 move in date. We will keep all of you posted on the exact date! Our goal is to make this move as seamless as possible, with direct and clear communication about all of your reservation times and locations.

Lather Lounge
Processing Lounge

What do you think? Pretty fantastic, right? 

Oh, and guess what? We will have our very own Salon Adelle coffee shop! Yes, you heard us right….with a barista and everything! You can come hang out with us anytime, and enjoy a fun community space with plenty of warm beverages! Also, we need your help in picking a name for our new coffee shop! Please think of your best coffee shop name, and email it to by July 31,2019. There will be a prize for the individual whose name is chosen, so get those creative juices flowing! We can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Salon Adelle Team

2 responses to “Salon Adelle is Moving!”

  1. carolyn bonitati says:

    Call the coffee shop “Beauty and the Bean”.Or“The Beauty Bean”

  2. Sheli phillips says:

    This is stunning, so happy for you