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New Year, New You?

The New Year is here and we are all ready to make our list of resolutions for the year ahead. It’s powerful to look over a fresh 365 days and plan out the wins you’d like to see. The reality is, resolutions typically stick around for a month and tend to fade. We’ve got some quick tricks to help you achieve you resolution goals

Keep Goals Positive: Lots of resolutions typically revolve around weight/weight loss or cutting out a negative something in your life. While those specific resolutions aren’t issues on their own, the internal narrative surrounding them certainly can be. Be sure to keep those narratives surrounding your resolutions upbeat and positive. 

If you are looking to lose weight and get in shape, make your resolution about selfceare and improving health instead of negative narratives like, “I can’t stand how I look, I need to lose weight”. Keeping your goals highlighted in a positive mind frame will help keep you on track and re-enforce the importance of thinking positively. 

Be Realistic and Specific: make sure your goals are attainable and give them a very clear direction. It’s easy to come up with a whole bucket of would-be resolutions, but ensuring that your resolution is something that can actually be achieved and is specific is so important. 

Say you want to lose 30 lbs; setting a goal of losing 30 lbs in one month would be almost impossible, but losing 30 lbs in 6 months could be attainable and realistic!  

Set Up Structure and Create A Strategy: Structure is how you plan out your win, strategy is the road map to get there! 

You need to set up a structure to support your resolutions and goals. Once you identify what you want to achieve, work backwards to set up a structure in which to achieve your specific goal. Create a strategy that will work within your structure to reach that finish line and keep you on track.


Resolution –  I am saving $2,000 this year. (using present tense… I am..)

Structure – Put aside $38.50 every week

Strategy – Make coffee at home and bring lunch to work 4x a week to save the additional $38.50 towards savings goal.

Check In & Pivot When Needed: We are human and our lives are constantly changing, and that means that sometimes our plans have to change right along with it. Checking in with yourself and your resolutions once every 90 days allows you to identify what is working and what isn’t. There is nothing wrong with having to change an approach or extend a deadline as long as you know you are giving your level best. Checking in with yourself every quarter lets you set mile markers that are easier to work towards and allows you to pivot to a different approach when needed. 

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