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What an Awesome Hair School Really Looks Like | SA

Salon Adelle is always excited to get education, but recently, we’ve been invited to be the EDUCATORS! In the past few months, Paul Mitchell the School Greenville, has reached out to us to teach some classes to their day and night students. If you don’t know about PMTSG, it’s an amazing hair school right near Salon Adelle that is full of amazing talent! We started this awesome opportunity with a business class with Travis that highlighted the hiring process and getting a job in the hair industry. Our main goal with this class was to be real with the students on the highs and lows of this industry and to instill that hard work is the answer to success. The Future Professionals loved this class and asked for us to come back to do a class where we show them how we do balayage hair painting! After weeks of planning Adelle and our awesome team formulated a class equipped with a video showcasing our work, photos, and a live model. The students were super active in the class between asking questions and volunteering to work on the model. While the model’s hair was processing, Travis went a little bit more into the business of hair and the team answered various questions about the industry, ranging from salon life and owning their own businesses in the future.

We have also had the honor to be asked to be apart of the Paul Mitchell the School Greenville’s Advisory Board. Since Paul Mitchell is considered a college and accepts the Pell Grant, the board serves to advise and make recommendations to improve the schools curriculum and overall create better stylists. This is a huge deal to us and something we don’t take lightly, since this is the industry we love so much!

We were so impressed with the school and the Future Professionals and are so honored to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with them. This industry can have a lot of twists and turns, and by sharing our experience, we hope to create a better hair industry and motivated and successful stylists. We really thank Paul Mitchell the School for this opportunity and we are looking forward to teaching more classes and getting to know the new students.

Speaking of education, Salon Adelle is hosting another Sip and Style (with a twist)! Classes will start on May 6th with possible classes on May 5th and 7th! Stay tuned for more details!