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Professional Hair Extensions + Heather and Her Story

Hey there everyone! I wanted to introduce you to Heather! She was also a winner of my annual photo shoot contest! We were able to do her photos this past week. I just love Heather, she is such a sweetheart and I feel so honored that she would drive 4.5 hours (1 way) every time she comes to see me! She is from VA! Check out her before and after photos! LOVE IT!



REASON FOR GETTING EXTENSIONS: I wanted extensions because I have always had very fine hair.  It wouldn’t hold shape or style and no matter what I had done to it, it was still just fine hair hanging on my head. It was damaged to the point that it couldn’t grow because it would just break off. I wanted hair that was thick, long, and noticeable.
HEATHER’S ADVICE TO YOU: My advice to anyone that needs/wants extensions is DO IT, DON’T WAIT.  My only regret with my extensions is that I didn’t do it sooner!  You get what you pay for and you deserve the best, that’s Adelle! Alot of women have guilt if they do something for themselves and my husband will vouch for the fact that I was the world’s worse for that.  Now he will tell you it is all worth it! My extensions have done lots for my self esteem but mostly it gave me some!  I always felt kinda of plain and never understood what all the fuss was about, but now I know and I am loving every minute of it!