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Being the Best for YOU!

We’re in the business of being the best for YOU.

A reservation at Salon Adelle is expected to be an experience that relaxes, restores & rejuvenates. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards when it comes to executing on each service we provide.

Finding the perfect collection of stylists that are willing to provide this level of experience takes time, patience & if we are being honest, a little trial and error. We know each guest puts a lot of trust in us as your team of stylists and we want to give you a little peek into what goes into building an all-star team.

When searching out team members, we are looking for them to possess our 6 core values, not only professionally but also in their personal life.

  1. Servants Heart
  2. Teamwork
  3. integrity
  4. Learning
  5. Excellence
  6. Having Fun

These 6 core values take time for us to see and develop within our team. When we bring on a new team member we invite them to join us to see how they fit into our culture. Our industry is bred for individualism and we see the most difficulty coming in our “team” atmosphere where we encourage guests to see multiple stylists who all work together to better our guest experience. We are evaluating their skill set and training them to increase their guest excellence. This has been a tough season in finding the 5-star talent you expect from us and we stand behind.

When we hire a new team member at Salon Adelle, we have you in mind. Every choice we make in the hiring & day-to-day process is to support our overall guest experience. We have been honored to be a salon of choice and recognized by industry experts – because those who have recommended us to friends, left us amazing reviews & continue to support and grow with us.

Sometimes we can miss the mark…

We always appreciate the patience & valuable feedback. This helps our mentors hone in on training in areas that need improvement & specific training a new team member could benefit from. Communicating with your stylist about both your positive experience & what we can improve on, will set them up to win with training. The patience and grace from our guests goes a very long way with this during the transition of learning our team and way of conducting business in a 5 star atmosphere. This is always addressed in a respectful, empowering way, allowing each team member to chart their course for success, both in their career & guest excellence.

We are so thankful for the continued patronage & thank our guests in advance for an extra measure of grace as we build an even stronger team to serve you for years to come!