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One of my favorite things about running my salon is the one-on-one coaching. I’ve mentioned this before, but it truly is the highlight of my month. This is in addition to the skill training they receive every single week.

Every first week of the month I meet with each team member individually. This time I have with each of them is so special. We go over what went well the previous month, what challenges they are working through, what are the new month goals to beat the last month, and what are the strategies to actually beat the previous month numbers and goals without adding too much unneeded stress.

I spent 12 years of my career just coming into the salon, not really knowing what I was making, what I was spending or what was left over at the end. When I started to dive into the business analysis I was shocked and sickened at the reality. I was not profiting at the end of the month. In fact, most months I wasn’t even breaking even! SHOCK! That’s when I decided to take the bull by the horns and make a 180. No one had ever showed me these tools before. Now that I have my business under control and profitable, I get to teach my team these amazing tools so they can be super successful in this industry. 

This is where coaching comes in. I know without a doubt that had I been taught the systems and procedures that we teach the girls, I would be a millionaire by now… don’t worry, the day is still coming! When I see a team member take the tools given and utilize them to best ability, it’s super cool to watch them reach heights they never saw possible. This totally excites my passion!

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