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Breaking Up With Your Stylist | Salon in Greenville


ITS TIME TO BREAK UP WITH YOUR STYLIST…. and Change to an upscale salon in Greenville!

Have you ever loved your stylist when you first start seeing her but then after several visits or even after several years you began to accumulate a list of things you hate? It’s pretty aggravating when you’re always on time for an appointment but you’re stylist always seems to show up late when you’re their first appointment! OR you feel that you want a new style or look and the stylist refuses to give you what you want, whether it be from lack of professionalism or lack of knowledge.. or no matter how many times you’re patient you never seem to get the perfect color that you’re asking for.. or you start noticing your stylist’s station is falling more into the unsanitary category, what about the entire salon just not being kept up? Well then, it’s time to BREAK-UP with your stylist!


Here at Salon Adelle, located in Greenville, we strive to build a relationship with each and every one of our clients. We want that relationship to be full of open communication, honesty, and your thoughts, feelings & ideas. We know the importance of fabulous hair that you can reproduce at home to look like you’re walking out of the salon every day. It’s a woman’s integrity to look and more importantly FEEL beautiful. In order to build the relationships that we desire to have with our clientele, we need to be on time and be prepared for each client throughout the day ahead of us. We have also learned that many of our clients after a color service will say “THIS IS IT! This is the perfect color I’ve been looking for!” Well, in order to be able to provide that exact color time and time again, we have taken the initiative to keep notes on each of our clients from each and every appointment. These notes can range from your personal color formula to maybe just adding more layers around the face next time. While we do have clients that enjoy reproducing their previous color at each appointment, we love the excitement of trying a new technique and formula for a fresh change up as well! We sit down and go through a personal color consult before each color that we do differently.. to be sure we are on the same page and you are getting exactly what you want.. if not BETTER! 🙂 It’s at this point we love for our clients to pull out a picture of a new color or style you like, or just to even inform us of any little details you would like to change or tweak. We actually LOVE change and We WANT your feedback and opinion.. after all, it’s all about you and sending you out with the perfect hair and a beautiful smile!

Much love…
Salon Adelle Girls