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before and after shots of hair extensions

Hey there everyone! I am running around with my head cut off…lol Trying to get so much info out to you guys and educate everyone on what I know so that you ALL can have amazing hair! 🙂

Here are a few NEW things!!!

  • Check out my photo contest- All you have to do is send me an email to enter to win a FREE Supermodel Photo Session!!
  • Check out my NEW You Tube Channel on tips and trick for your hair! YOU TUBE CHANNEL
  • Check out my last blog on Moroccanoil Products and how AMAZING THEY ARE!!! Also the videos on HOW-TO use them!

Here is  my latest work. This is Heather. She has been waiting 2 years to get extensions. After multiple consultations with me…after waiting for EVER for her hair to grow and get a little healthier we finally reached the special day! 🙂 Her hair turned out AMAZING I must say! 🙂